8/17/14 WEWRIWA

What a week! Happy Dance for our household because my husband finished radiation-45 treatments-just yesterday. Fingers crossed that we’re home free. Mid August already? What the heck. Well, let the sunshine in, face it with a grin. Continuing with my latest release Housebroken. . .No, it’s not a story about a dog. Not yet. Empty nest syndrome moves along with a difference of opinion between the happy couple, Steve and Sally Atwood.

excerpt in eight:

Sally dusted off the reclining lounge chairs and sat with Steve next to her, loving the his and her coziness, and spoiled the moment by saying, “The porch is rotting and shingles fell off the roof and hit me on the head today.”

Taken by surprise, Steve struggled out of the lounge chair, checked the porch and said, “It’s peeling, that’s all so I’ll do a little sanding here and there, some paint and the deck will look good as new.”

“I called for a free estimate from a local man called Handy Husband and when he heard how old the deck is without weatherproofing and the new treatments available, he confirmed what I suspected.”

“Handy Husband, my ass; of course the bandit told you the worst, Sally because he wanted to scare you and. . .and, and I can fix the roof but right now, I’m tired and I’m going to bed.”

That didn’t go too well, she thought and returned to her computer determined to search for home possibilities in nearby towns and before long a listing appeared and then another until she hit print and a long list flew out.

Weary of cleaning this house with a never ending accumulation of dust and Steve telling her that since the kids were gone, she didn’t need maid service, her days were filled with cleaning, writing articles of interest for the local papers in hopes of jump starting a career for herself but now she had an idea.

The next morning Steve woke, his heat seeking missile searching for fulfillment from the woman of his dreams but instead of a naked body curled next to him, he touched a cold pillow and no Sally.

The aroma of baking apple dumplings drifted through the open door and he thought, she’s up to something, as his boner wilted like a flower needing water.

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46 thoughts on “8/17/14 WEWRIWA

  1. LOL this line here: The aroma of baking apple dumplings drifted through the open door and he thought, she’s up to something, as his boner wilted like a flower needing water. made me giggle. It’s nice to see an established couple that know each other so well and still have such passion for each other.

  2. Mazel Tov on the end of radiation treatments! Doing a happy dance for you both.

    This excerpt made me laugh as my hubby and I get nearer and nearer to empty nest and possible downsizing. Love the comfort in each other’s company and oh, poor man, what a waste of a good…

  3. ~still smirking~ I like this snippet. You are a creative soul, Charmaine! And WHAT is she up to baking so early in the morning??? 🙂 Great 8!

    I an so glad to hear that hubby has finished his treatments. Sending positive thoughts your way, and crossing fingers. ❤

    • Sell the man with baked apples. She has a plan to be revealed next week. So pleased that you’re getting a kick out of their antics.
      Re: hubs-Yippee and Hallelujah!!!!!! It’s been a dreadful time. Thus more humor was needed.

  4. Love the ending, too. I really like that you don’t shy away from the sexual aspect of their relationship, because that makes the story & characters more real for me.

    My only complaint–and I realize this might be due to the 8sunday format–is that for me, the pace is too quick. Things happen one right after the other without giving me a sense of setting, or what the characters really think/feel about things. I’m supposing you take time to delve into things more in the manuscript but wanted to mention it.

    I don’t often get interested in these kinds of stories because usually they’re just mirroring average life, which is all around me. I don’t need more of it in my reading material. Your style pulls me in though. I’d love to spend time chatting with your characters over the backyard fence!

    • Definitely the format. Do you think Teresa would notice if I posted a chapter? Hmm. Bet she would and then I’d lose my membership in the club without a warning from the moderator. I had to rewrite to relate dialogue and get to the ultimate point of the apples. Life’s too short. That’s the way I feel at 83. Already I’m into Book 2 of the series. I bought a ticket on the long life express train because I want to see my six year old granddaughter grown-up, and . . .See what I mean?

  5. Wonderful news about your hubby, Charmaine! I’ll keep him in my prayers. 🙂 As for the excerpt, it’s real, it’s easy to relate to, and the boner problem definitely made me chuckle. Great work!

  6. Best wishes to your husband! So glad to hear he’s finished the grueling course of radiation. Loved the excerpt, This couple is definitely NOT on the same page. I want to say she needs to talk to him more, but then I think he’s avoiding the serious subjects. Loved his morning ‘awakening’. Excellent excerpt!

  7. Glad you hear your husband finished radiation. That must be a relief for both of you.

    Love the simple revealing things in your story–the husband not wanting a housekeeper. That seems to be a guy thing. Funny how THEY don’t see the need.

  8. I love how well he knows her at the end to know “she’s up to something.” My husband and I are on the verge of empty nest. Ours are going to school, but still living at home. That will end next year and Lord, I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it or not. 🙂 Great premise for a book, Charmaine.

    • It’s an old adage handed down from Grandmom to daughters forever. She knew he’d respond to a special treat for breakfast and what warms a heart better then baking apples. Now Sally can execute her plan. I’m enjoying our friendship, Caitin.

  9. I’m so glad for the good news about your husband’s treatment. I hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out. Your excerpt captured my imagination because next year my husband and I will be retiring and entering a new stage of life. There may be a book there too. Thanks so much for your advice on my sentences.

  10. So happy to hear about your hubby! You have great description, but it seems like you were trying to cram it all in there. I’m hoping the first couple of sentences are a case of creative punctuation. 😉

  11. Oh yes. You’re so right. I’m always in a rush to tell the story to my pals; to move the story along now that it’s published. Like a kid, I say, sorry, I just had to cram. Promise I won’t do bad me anymore. Not.

  12. Nice dialogue! It’s a realistic situation for couples to fight about. Of course, he can do it better than a repairman LOL. I loved your image of “as his boner wilted like a flower needing water.” Awesome! As a reader, I love metaphors and similes.

    Keep smiling,

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