A Night to Celebrate. . .

10565219_10202759512405320_3484045201100648786_nWho knows what evil lurks in our bodies? After a couple of years of tests, my husband finally was diagnosed with cancer and last Friday, finished 45 treatments under the supervision of the impeccable staff headed up by Dr. Michael F. Wesson at The Valley Hospital Paramus, NJ.

Daughter made surprise arrangement for a special dinner at Il Fresco , a wonderful Italian eatery  where we were treated like royalty. She cried, appreciating Poppa Don’s stoicism throughout the ordeal. He never missed a day of work, came home exhausted, went to bed early to face the following day.

So here’s to my husband, dearest daughter, and blessing from above. Keep us healthy to live long lives and enjoy our precious grandest granddaughter.

10 thoughts on “A Night to Celebrate. . .

  1. I adore this picture of the two of you, such a great looking couple. I am so happy for you both. It’s wonderful that Amy arranged such a celebration. Hugs forever.

    • Dear BFF, thanks. Amy actually showed up at the restaurant in shorts and a little top, to hand her dad big dollars for the fancy dinner. And then she took the pic smiling more than we were if you can envision the scene. She even came inside to the table she’d picked out ahead of time and snapped off a few more shots. What a girl. “Order the salmon, Mom.” And I did. YUM! the salmon and the daughter.

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