Where did summer go? August, usually the hottest month, was on the chilly side. But we survived cancer, day to day crises and I’m writing Book 2 of the Housebroken series. You know me so well. Laughing and crying as I always do, page after page having the best time in my writing career. Welcome WEWRIWA to another Sunday. I promise to behave. Let me know if I’m doing okay and I’ll do the the same for you. That’s what we do in this community of writers.

Last week, Sally Atwood complained, and rightly so, about the old house falling apart. After Steve went to sleep, she checked out listings for mature communities in other towns and watched as a stream of them rushed out of the printer. Her Mother always said the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach so Sally made a plan. She’d bake apple dumplings for breakfast, seduce him with the aroma plus waffles and then show him the listings. Should work. Had to work. Let’s read the eight to see what happens next.

excerpt in eight:

As if baked apples were part of the usual Sunday fare, Sally said, “Good morning, sleepy head, get out of my way or the dumplings will burn and the waffle iron just beeped so breakfast is officially ready.”
“ Not that I don’t appreciate waffles and you know how I love your dumplings, sweetheart, but we always have scrambled eggs and bacon.”
She unfolded a cloth napkin with a spring motif of birds and butterflies and spread it across her lap. “There’s nothing but the best for you, and for us.”
After breakfast ended, Steve patted his middle, cocked his head toward the open windows and said, “Listen to the great sound of silence.“
Suddenly, a baby nearby began to cry loud, a dog barked and didn’t stop and from next door, the new neighbor yelled “Jimmy, stop torturing the dog, Mona, pick up the baby.”
Steve exchanged glances with Sally; “Are there any listings for mature adults only?”
“It just so happens. . .”

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46 thoughts on “8/24/14

  1. Haha! She was ready for him–and he walked right into it! Good8!

    Yeppers, August is nearly done. Where does the time go… I am so glad you are enjoying your writing career, Charmaine. And I’m glad that wewriwa is part of it. 🙂

  2. Oh, why did it have to end there? Love that ‘way to a man’s heart through his stomach’ bit. I’m glad to see you’re in good spirits. I have had many ups and downs in my life, too.

  3. One thing: if he’s been implying that “oh, he can fix it,” the jump to listings is a little fast. Maybe have him wondering if there are any neighborhoods without kids yelling and babies crying? That gives her just as good an opening.

  4. I think this is going to be an easy sell after all. So lovely when it works out that way. I need to do the same thing to my hubby–we need to get rid of our big house now that kids are gone. I hope her plan works as well for me! Great 8!

  5. I don’t know if he would have fallen for the apple dumplings—he must know her ways by now, right?—but regardless, thank heavens for loud neighbors! 😀

    • Combination of things had to happen to make it work just right, Sarah. Personally, I was married a very long time to my first husband and now the second. Let me count the ways you can charm a man, your man, into doing what you want him to do, Yes, the fictional neighbors helped a lot but oh how Steve loves her dumplings.

  6. Our next door neighbors have a puppy they leave outside all the time–beside my window. I could appreciate some silence, myself. Love how the environment conspired to help her convince him!

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