9/7/31 WEWRIWA

And the days dwindle down to a precious few. Have you noticed leaves turning gold? We have, way back in the yard.  Meanwhile dear readers,writers, friends, we have our fun Sunday. I continue with Housebroken where Sally and Steve Atwood arrive in the quaint town of River’s Edge upstate NY with the help of Mother, their treasured GPS voice. The sound of waterfalls hitting against rocks in a stream just out of sight is appealing. A shop with the sign Pet Emporium looks charming but they don’t have a pet. Time for that later. Steve peers in the window of Trumbull Realtor where a woman waves for them to come in.

excerpt in eight:

Trumbull Realtor’s had wood paneled walls and carpeted floors with a lemon scent in the air and the busy office had several clients leaning over desks, pointing at pictures and asking questions of the staff.
“I’m Claudia Wilcox; sit you down and rest a spell while I see how I can make your life better.”
Steve exchanged glances with Sally and said “We just came up north to see what River’s Edge is all about.”
With the kindest smile they’d ever seen, Claudia said,”We’re all about value and the good life.”

“First, I must tell you we’re just looking since we own a home in Rockland County and all of a sudden my wife,” he touched Sally’s hand, “tells me the house is too big now that the kids have grown up and moved out.”
Sally added,”And before they decide to move back in so subject to selling our home, we’d like two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen big enough for two and I’d like a room with a sun roof and also a small deck and a yard in case we ever get a dog.”
Steve frowned,“What’s with a sun roof? The sun’s outside where it belongs; you want sun, go out where the sun is.”

After watching her husband fill out forms with information needed about finances, Sally reached for his hand knowing what came next when he sheepishly said, “Sorry honey, I know we’ve come to the right place and if you really want a sun roof, it’s yours.”Housebroken CVR frontfor more snippets from talented writers:


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44 thoughts on “9/7/31 WEWRIWA

  1. It’s going to take Steve a bit to get used to the idea. I like the sound of River’s Edge, I think more than the realtor beckons to them. Good snippet, great story.

  2. Lovely excerpt, Charmaine. Not only can I picture the shop, the realty office, and the two characters sitting next to each other, but you give a great sense of the subtle differences between Steve and Sally — he’s maybe not quite so ready to move as she is.

    I’m wondering about the term “sun roof” though. I think there’s another word for it when it’s on a house instead of a car but I’m blanking on it. Because it’s more of a window than a roof, on a house.

    I didn’t sign up this week, still trying to catch up from two weeks ago!

  3. Awww, Steve’s such a good guy. Love the sound of Claudia too. I think she’ll be able to find them the perfect place! 🙂 Great work, Charmaine!

  4. I think the scene in the office is important, plus I enjoyed it. Maybe the term you want is skylight? Sunroof is for cars in my head 🙂 I’m enjoying this couple and the way they interact…your writing is always so smooth. Love it, ready for more of this story!

  5. A sun roof (skylight) in snow country? Why not a three-sided bumpout on the south with window walls and timed lights on the ceiling, like I have? (Will send a photo once I get the house plants moved in for the winter.)

  6. Maybe I’m too used to reading the wrong genres, but Claudia struck me as slightly creepy, in a “too good to be true” kinda way.

    Reading some of the earlier comments, I hope you keep the description of the office. I feel that some grounding in the setting is important, otherwise things can seem to be happening in a vacuum.

  7. I had to laugh reading creepy. Yes, I can see why. And she is too good to be true like a Disney character but that’s River’s Edge where kindness to strangers counts. I’m doing snippets from a recently released book titled Housebroken. Descriptions galore to set the scenes.
    Your comments mean a lot to me, sir-always on target.

  8. LOL the sun roof. I loved his response to it and then he did the proper thing by giving in at the end. I’m sure Sally will reward him greatly for his good behavior when they get back home. Love the 8.

  9. Hey, some days the weather isn’t so mild, but the sun’s still out. A sunroof sounds like a good idea to me! It’s wonderful how he’s willing to give her what she wants, anyway.

  10. Jenna, as I wrote the story , the words ‘kindness to strangers’ kept coming into my head. Coming from the Midwest where people are so friendly and helpful, fearlessly I followed my instinct and wrote this book. Too good to be true? I added some nasty gossipers in She Didn’t Say No when I wrote about this wonderful town. Good conflict. And of course, we need conflict to write an interesting story. Thanks for your comment. I so enjoy your writing.

  11. Ha! For all of his pronouncements, he’s a pushover when it comes to making her happy. 🙂 This subject matter is interesting, Charmaine. My hubby and I are empty-nesters. Our house is pretty big for the two of us now. WE talk about moving, but we really like the seclusion here. I think we’ll stay for now. 🙂

    Good (thought provoking) 8! 😉

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