Spreading My Wings by Charmaine Gordon

Literary Lagniappe

My background had nothing to do with writing. First a good daughter, then a good wife and mother of too many during the Korean War. All I knew was good. Service wives learned to button up; secrets kept during the war especially the Strategic Air Command where my pilot husband learned to fly an atom bomb mission wives never learned about for many years way after the men left the service. Something dreamed up by the brass who flew desks at the pentagon never came to fruition, thank heaven.

As for me, I didn’t learn to spread my wings ‘til my youngest and only daughter turned about sixteen. After moving to NY to settle down, I performed in community theaters. One day, a professional actor suggest I step up to the big city and make my way. The beginning of a new way of life. I took classes at night…

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2 thoughts on “Spreading My Wings by Charmaine Gordon

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