And Then She Said. . .

My precocious grandest and I were on the way to Karate yesterday. She’s changed from Taekwando to this form of martial arts and loves it. On the way there, just after leaving her home, I saw her eyes closed and assumed a quick nap was in order for my first grader so I tuned into one of my news stations, 77 in NY, hosted by Michael Savage. Suddenly her eyes opened wide.

“Did he say the president lied?”

“Yes, he did. I’m listening because I don’t have time to read the newspaper or watch television news reports. The only time I catch up on what’s going on is when I drive back and forth to get you. It’s important to get opinions.”

“What’s opinion?”

I quick thought about a few examples and we talked about this during the commercial break.I asked if I should change the station and grandest said no. Together we listened about possibilities of war, conflict, fighting in countries far distant from The United States.

“Very interesting, Granny. Next time let’s listen to the man again. And I’m gonna watch out for opinions at school.

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