9/14/14 WEWRIWA

Welcome to Sunday at wewriwa. Chrysanthemums in every color blooming, leaves beginning the annual gorgeous display of Autumn.

I continue with a couple more weekends of Housebroken to move onto my WIP, Book 2 of the River’s Edge series. Claudia Wilcox, the too good to be true realtor, proves to be one swell woman taking the Atwood’s to the perfect Adult community, no kids allowed except for short visits.

excerpt in eight:

The Atwood’s piled into Claudia’s comfortable BMW SUV. She pointed out places of interest including the well known The River’s Edge Restaurant overlooking the falls. Before long she made a right turn into a wooded community with separate homes, well -tended lawns and an activity center.
“This is a mature adults only community, fifty five years and up, no grandchildren living here only to visit.That building,” she gestured to the white circular structure, “houses the activity center where they have comprehensive daily programs, writing seminars, cooking classes, a pool and eight HarTru tennis courts so easy on older bones.”
She pulled up to a home and Sally’s heart beat faster, her eyes widened taking in the spring flowers, a flagstone path without weeds growing between the flat stones, tulips pushing the way through a garden alongside daffodils and multi-colored tall gladiolas.

Check out the inside, how much, can they afford it and what time can they move in, Sally thought or maybe someone was murdered there and no one wanted to buy it so this was a bargain they couldn’t refuse. NOT!
Claudia opened the door with a key,  “I always think it’s silly when a realtor points to the bathroom and says this is the bathroom so I suggest you take your time to wander around and call for me when you have questions.”

snippets from talented writers:

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52 thoughts on “9/14/14 WEWRIWA

  1. LOL, “maybe someone was murdered there…”, that is so the kind of thing I would think. Sounds like an idyllic community for the Atwoods. Nice snippet.

  2. Hey Charmaine 🙂 Yeah I think Sally’s falling hard for that place. I wonder about that “too good to be true” aspect – maybe the place isn’t really that perfect? What could be hiding under that veneer? I’m so curious where you’re going with this!

    • Oh you jaded one. Did you ever hear of small towns who help each other? I have. When I was widowed suddenly in NY, my friends turned their backs on me. I met a woman who said her widowed mom, living in a small town , had neighbors lining up men for her to meet a few months later. I had to shake my head knowing I was going it alone for the first time.

  3. I’ll be interested to hear what hubby has to say- I doubt if he’ll stand a chance against Claudia’s determination. I’m definitely getting that sense of too good to be true like others have mentioned. Nice job layering some tension beneath the “idyllic” situation.

    • I’m happy for you, Millie. Shoulda, woulda,coulda, never have sold my lovely home after first husband passed. Ill advised I did and now we live in a small Cape Cod, beautiful yard, super quiet neighborhood and I’m 83. What all this means, I have no idea. Just life, I guess. Be well, my friend.

  4. In her mind Sally is already living there… she’ll probably have some nasty neighbors or something like that. Unless someone was murdered there… but no one was, were they? *grin* I like that the realtor leaves them to wander off on their own, it makes her more approachable in my eyes.

  5. It does sound marvelous. Nearby, we have one of the largest senior communities in this part of the state. They built it in a couple of old hay-fields and a cow pasture. Children can visit in individual apartments. I see the pros, but I see the cons, too. I’m glad your main character is focusing on the pros. 🙂

    • Time for a life of their own. Thirty five years of devotion to kids and now some freedom. My own seem to bounce back and forth to my open door. What a sucker for my own and all because they never saw me as a working woman out of the house. YIKES! Wrong picture and too late to change. I’m the mom who never said no.

  6. I’m guessing the price will be extortionate, or Sally’s husband will put his foot down over something and Sally will have to beat him over the head with an apple dumpling . . . 🙂

    Is Claudia just good, or is she really “too good to be true” ?

  7. You were great with setting. I could picture the community vividly. And, I would totally sign up with the mention of a writing seminar 🙂

    Keep smiling,

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