Book Review: Housebroken by Charmaine Gordon

An author has an idea and writes, and writes. If you’re forunate, the story is published. Who will read it? And then reviews come in. This one touches my heart. Chelle Cordero ‘get’s it. She understands the dilemma of empty nest, the mixed feelings of waving goodbye to the last child as they move on and you and your husband wonder what happens next. . .to us?

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Housebroken: A River’s Edge Romantic Suspense

[Kindle Edition]

by Charmaine Gordon

5 stars

An Amusing Look at an Empty Nest

Charmaine Gordon gives us a wonderful novella about couple who have just achieved empty nest status. Steve and Sally Atwood decide it’s their time to live, they’re still young enough to begin a perpetual honeymoon in a new, smaller home in a community suited for them and not for a young family. Everything is going well, they find the home of their dreams, their passion is as good as it’s ever been (better even without the interruptions), and their new neighbors are definitely their kind of people.

But there are unexpected hurdles – Steve and Sally face them head on and together.

The story is a quick and refreshing read. Ms. Gordon’s writing allows the reader to share in the joy of planning, the trepidation from set-backs, and cheer as they move forward…

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