First Page Review-Blog Hop of my book titled To Be Continued

Chapter One

Sun sneaked through blinds. Eyes shut tight. Not quite ready to open.

Betty Malone wanted to revel in memories of the great sex she and Frank, her husband of forty years, had last night. At his insistence, for God’s sake. She practically had to seduce him before they did it anymore; was on the verge of suggesting those little blue pills the girls talked about, when out of nowhere he became amorous. And it was great. No. . .wonderful. No. . .Fan—fargin’—tastic!
Fingers crept along the sheets searching for her mate. They groped to where Frank could be found most early mornings except on golf days or scheduled surgery. She touched the edge of his pillow but no Frank.
Turning her head, she called his name. At the same time she saw an envelope lying on top of the pillow. Never like Frank to leave a note but how sweet is this? A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth and she sat up. The sheet slipped down and there she was. Naked. Betty, you’re such a slut. Where oh where is your nightie, you naughty girl. A heap of green satin lay on the floor next to the bed, evidence of last night’s pleasure.
With care, one long polished nail sliced through the envelope. The nail snagged on an edge and broke. “Shit.” Nothing was going to spoil the moment because this was the first letter from Frank in all the years of togetherness and she planned to keep it. She withdrew the letter.
Stumbling off the bed, letter clutched in her hand, she groped for reading glasses, found them, dropped them, on hands and knees patting the carpet, found them again. Naked on the floor, she read:
“Dear Betty, It’s not you. It’s me. I have been uncomfortable in my own skin for a long time and have decided I must make a change in my life. I sold my half of the practice to George. You, dear Betty, are well taken care of. Call Bruce Bradley. He has all the papers, investments, everything you will need to live in comfort. The house is yours. Last but not least, I signed my portion of divorce papers so whenever you want to, sign yours. Bruce will take care of it.”
Betty leapt up—made it to the toilet and retched. Foul taste in her mouth, she returned to the bedroom and stared down at the despicable letter. “Oh God. What am I going to do?” No answer in the silent room. “Divorce,” Betty shouted to the empty house. “People like us, we don’t divorce, you stupid ..” Tears streaming, she pounded her chest with the letter, crumpled it into a ball and flung it across the room.

Dear readers: Your comments and critique are welcome. This is from a published book, my first with Vanillla Heart Publishing but keep in mind, writers learn every time constructive critique is given.


Thank you for stopping by to read this first chapter- compliments of WEWRIWA-a community of writers.


15 thoughts on “First Page Review-Blog Hop of my book titled To Be Continued

  1. It’s very visual, Charmaine, and very authentic. I like the way you set up the reader for the punch in the gut when she reads the letter. I think at the end of the first K, I’d read the blurb to make sure it’s a story heading where I wanted it to go. A HEA. 🙂

  2. Survive and thrive, Teresa as Beth Malone finds her way through the quagmire her husband left her in. And so she does. Definitely an HEA for a brave woman. Are you suggesting I should post a blurb at the end? I do have a nifty short one, of course.

  3. Like Teresa I also felt that punch in the gut when she read the letter and almost cried for her when I saw how she was expecting something so very different. She is so crushed, so lost, this makes the reader want to jump right into the room with her and (first hand her a bathrobe) console her. Very gut-wrenching.

  4. I love the whole first page. Thank you for sharing.
    Betty wanted the change, a change of love and new experiences, and after the blissful night she was ready. When she found the letter she wasn’t prepared to find a divorce sentence over her life.
    I love what she said… “People like us don’t divorce.”

    • I sleep write, Vik. It’s something I discovered when first I changed careers and started to write. The story came to me in the night. Since then, women have told me horror stories about men abruptly leaving their wives. News to me since I had a wonderful marriage with my first love who died suddenly and now a super good one with my second. And here I was writing about this abandoned woman who needs to begin again. Life is a mystery. Thanks so much for stopping by to leave an interesting comment.

      • I wish you more nightly inspiration (that’s when it finds me too), easy flowing writing and a blessed life.
        Best wishes.

  5. There’s nothing like throwing one into the thick of things right off the bat! Her relationship with her husband seems all too real to me. Loved how it seemed to push you forward from the first sentence.

  6. Oh my goodness Charmaine, the beginning of your story made me laugh so hard-mainly because I can relate to your character. Man I would love to slip my husband a few of those blue pills. Then the sudden change of events, her finding that letter. Wow. Yes those things do happen, it’s just sad that he got off that one last time, leaving her feeling used and abused. Great first chapter. I do love the book.

  7. This was a great opening! I started to smell a rat when it took her so long to get the letter opened- that build-up of tension had me worried. Or maybe I’ve just heard too many stories of women whose husbands left them out of the blue, often after a wonderful romantic evening or getaway. In any event, I definitely want to know how Betty’s going to cope.

    • Christina, that pleases me no end. To hook the reader from the first page is very important and now that you’re ‘hooked’, do read this book that is optioned for a television movie. Thanks for stopping by. Your comment means a lot to me,

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