Across the continents and through the woods. . .

1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_nThey’re almost home, for a visit with parties to celebrate their 50-tieth birthdays next month and their first wedding anniversary. How we miss these beautiful people; one is my youngest son Paul, multi-talented and so dear to my heart and Eva, a gifted artist, beautiful and filled with joy and love for Paul.. They live in the tiny country Denmark so far away. Grandest, now six and a half, bubbles over with excitement dancing around because Uncle Paulie and Aunt Eva are coming this week.

So join me in my happiness, my friends. These are precious days.Trold-miskat Invitation

(Sketch drawn by Eva for an invitation to a party given by friends of Paul from school days)


4 thoughts on “Across the continents and through the woods. . .

  1. Thanks, Vik. After a year of Skype and missing their wedding, we couldn’t stop hugging, sitting in the sun, dining and recalling adventures of years gone by. They’re in NYC now where other friends are dragging them around and showing off. So much fun.

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