10/5/14 WEWRIWA

Now it rains? Pours the day Hudson Valley RWA are going to a winery upstate for a book signing? Oh yes. But we had a lot of fun, selling books, smiling at prospective buyers and standing in real shoes, not sneakers. YIKES! I came home barely able to walk. Whine, whine. And all the wine with me driving-not a drop to drink.

Continuing this week with Housebroken. Steve has a secret he’s about to confess. Maybe it’s not as terrible as he believes it to be. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And Steve didn’t do enough to provide for his family in his estimation.

excerpt in eight:

An affair, a hidden family, he’s gay, Sally thought, hiding her panic she drew the sheet up to her chin and like the good wife she’d learned to be, she paid close attention.
“My specialty is Security and always as the capo de tutti capo manager; the go-to guy for problems, I’m supposed to know everything. Meanwhile I let computer skills slip since I always had someone else handling that for me and here comes the big letdown. Changes in equipment have advanced so fast that I’m left behind without the skills needed to apply for another position somewhere like an old dog without new tricks, that’s me. No one will hire me despite my great resume; not when they find out I’m lacking. . .”

With a sigh of relief, Sally said, “Honey, if this is what’s troubling you all I can say is stop beating yourself up because my computer dances for me and together we’ll find a way.”
“We’ll buy a fixer upper,” her husband who couldn’t hang a picture, said, and without waiting to listen to her opinion, a naked Steve trotted over to the office and called their favorite realtor.
My husband’s crazy, Sally thought.

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50 thoughts on “10/5/14 WEWRIWA

  1. He could become a writer…
    Nice 8!
    (I’m beginning to read more and more where men are often described as being unable to hang pictures or other simple tasks around the house. I’m going to give those skills to a couple of the men in my books. Thanks for the idea!)

  2. So while you were upstate “wining” in the rain, I was fasting for Yom Kippur and waiting to break fast over challah and some good old fashioned Manischewitz wine.

    Poor Steve. So often men think they are Atlas and should be ready to carry the world on their shoulders. So glad that Sally is supportive, bu I hope she doesn’t give him TOO much confidence… a fixer-upper? Sounds like he isn’t ready for that.

  3. Steve, you nut! i thought he was going to say he was a mafia boss’ main hitman or something. WHEW! I know Sally is breathing a huge sigh of relief since now she can help him adjust better. love the snippet as always, Charmaine!

  4. Awww, I love that Steve’s so determined to ‘fix’ things, even though the man can’t even hang a picture frame. Many adventures await, me thinks! Great excerpt, Charmaine!

  5. I wish Steve would listen to her a bit more! He didn’t even take a breath to really take in her answer to his big “revelation” on the computer skills LOL. But they certainly feel like a real couple to me, thoroughly enjoying the story. Another excellent excerpt!

  6. hahaha! Holy cow, Charmaine, these characters are wonderful! Yeah he did seem to rush on but he’s probably not comfortable knowing his wife has better tech skills. A lot of guys are like that. Wonderful 8. I look forward to your excerpts every week 🙂

  7. awww….I like her thoughts. Gay? Secret family? Always going to the worst, but guess that happens when the man you’ve been married to says something like I have a confession. As always, enjoyed the 8

  8. Oh, wow, I can picture the disaster that’s going to unfold with a man who “can’t hang a picture” buying a fixer-upper! It won’t be funny for them, but it will be for the readers!

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