A little chat about Thyroid–Yikes!

Here’s the deal, my friends. A few months ago, this happy, perky author began to feel exhausted and a wee bit depressed. Yes. Me who through all my years of putting one step forward followed by the next and never giving up, felt sad and depressed. Fate stepped in with a blood test before going for my yearly check-up. Sure enough, the TSH number for thyroid normally .04 or .05 was double YIKES 28 +. My doctor immediately called an endocrinologist and within an hour, I sat at his desk discussing the problem.

“Not to worry,” he said. “I’ll phone in a prescription to elevate the dose and we’ll get together in six weeks to see how you’re doing.”

I did worry since I still felt poorly. In my usual way, I kept writing my latest book, almost finished now, took care of grandest but instead of my husband taking a walk with me, I call it “taking a drag with me.”

You see, the thyroid is one of the most important glands in your body. From Wikipedia, I learned this and I quote,” The thyroid hormones are essential to proper development and differentiation of all cells of the human body. These hormones also regulate protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, affecting how human cells use energetic compounds. Since I no longer have a thyroid due to cancer years ago, I just took levothyroxine each day with a glass of water and an hour later had breakfast. A daily routine. Now, for some unknown reason, it’s not working.I have faith in my doctor and pray I’ll be tap dancing again soon.

So beware and take care, my friends. I wish you the best of good health and happiness.


9 thoughts on “A little chat about Thyroid–Yikes!

  1. sounds like you are getting the help you need. great to be supported. I have waited for months to see a specialist and still some of my problems remain undefined. hope things go well for you in this and always, my friend!

  2. Charmaine, I stopped by to see what was going on. I’m sorry you haven’t felt well, and thank goodness for bloodwork! I’m glad they’ve so quickly discerned what the problem is. I hope they find the cause for the med’s effectiveness to have changed. A big hug to you, dear lady! ❤

  3. Make sure you have your thyroid TSH taken in a blood test to make sure you’re getting the right dose. I had mine removed in 1983-cancer and my doctor kept reducing the dose. So here I am in trouble. Thanks for your kindness as one skin necklace to another. Mine healed so well, you can’t see the zipper closure anymore.

  4. I’ve been taking thyroid since I was 9 (5 grains of animal thyroid) and finally switched to synthroid in 1988. The good thing about the animal thyroid us that I’m not afraid of “animal parts” should I need a transplant. Hope you feel energized soon. Regards, Sandra

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