Mike Nichols, I learned so much from you. . .

Sad today.  After being a big fan of his sketches on television with collaborator Elaine May, what a team. so clever, funny and sly.mike-nichols and I met him when he pointed a finger at me and said, “She’s the one.” This was on the set of the movie Working Girl. He handed me three balloons, cautioned that I don’t let them touch the ceiling and with the other hand, I carried a huge cake all the while singing Happy Birthday to You to Melanie Griffith. What a kick and he was a great character with his off beat sense of humor.

About a year later, on the set of Regarding Henry, I was a nurse tending to patients near my pal from Working Girl, Harrison Ford. At the end of the day,quite by chance,  I rode down in the elevator with the great director and his associates. I said, “Mike, you told me to hold the balloons and carry the cake in Working Girl.” He smiled and said,  “So I did.”

It may not seem like much to you, my friends, to me, after watching him in action, when I changed careers to become a writer, I recall how he worked, gracefully moving the characters and using the script for action. So I say Thank You with all my heart to a mentor and kind gentleman who probably didn’t even know my name. He helped make my world go around in a different direction.

Deepest sympathy to his family.



2 thoughts on “Mike Nichols, I learned so much from you. . .

  1. Condolences to his family and to you for the loss you feel. It’s so obvious he touched many lives in such a positive way, he will be remembered.

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