11/23/14 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang. So far so good regarding the weather but oh boy, Buffalo, NY folks are suffering. And it’s only November. Here we are snug in NY ready for another WEWRIWA Sunday of constructive critique. The quality of writers is outstanding so come join us.

Continuing with Help Wanted, Book 3 in the River’s Edge Series: Last week Grace and Scott called Sally with a proposition. They had heard about Jerald  Adams rudeness and want to introduce Sally to a powerful man in Rockland County where he owns a cable TV station. Eager to move on, Sally drives with Scott to meet Lance Jordan. After his staff watches the interview Sally did with Grace and the sad Saluki, the boss is impressed.

excerpt in eight:
“I’m overwhelmed by your talent,Ms. Atwood; Scott, both of you please come to my office and let’s talk business.”
Sally packed her bag and followed Scott through a long hallway to a bright flower filled room where she made herself comfortable as the boss suggested, in a tweed visitor’s chair. .
The tall imposing man stared hard at Sally from his perch at the edge of the wide desk.
“Ms. Atwood, here comes one of the greatest lines from The Godfather, can you guess what it is?”
” Lance, you’re making Sally an offer she can’t refuse, right? So get to the point; we have a long ride back to River’s Edge and Grace expects me at The Pet Emporium.
Lance scowled, “With Ms. Atwood’s permission, I prefer discussing business in private so  my driver will take you home before too long once we hammer out the particulars of an agreement.”

After shaking hands all around, Scott left when suddenly the fragrance of flowers filled the room and moving fast, the lanky graceful man sat next to Sally in the lush chair Scott just vacated.
“ For a first timer, you have a gift for sincerity, a way of bringing out the best in people,” he touched her cheek, ” you, Sally Atwood, I want you,“ he paused, “on my staff to interview politicians, celebrities, distressed citizens and whatever else comes up and for each job, I’m prepared to pay you one thousand dollars.”

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46 thoughts on “11/23/14 WEWRIWA

  1. seems to be a bit of (sexual?) tension here… hmm. The offer and money stated I am sure is welcome, I just hope the interviewing is all he expects. Great snippet.

  2. Love that snippet, great sexual tension! Also, glad you are ok there, I have customers in Buffalo who said the other day that they are under about 5 feet of snow, unless it got worse since Thursday. 😦 Glad we’re just COLD here. xo

  3. Yeah, the cheek touch seemed waaaaay too familiar, but I suppose she’s too flattered and excited to see the warning flags waving. Great set up for future conflict, especially since she hasn’t made dumplings for her hubby in a while;)

  4. Count me in with the others in reading more into that ‘cheek caress’. Very interested to see how things progress from here. I’d love a deal like she just got, though, minus the unwanted affection. lol

  5. um…ok, well not sure how much I like the way that man was touching on Sally. Stroking her cheek, his slip of ‘I want you…’ I think he was meaning for more than on his staff.

  6. Hey Yawatta, check out Home for the Holidays. Lots of dialogue, outrageous twins full of fun and family finding each other after many years of separation. I do believe it’s right up your alley. and the price is right!Thanks for always stopping by with a smile.

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