11/30/14 WEWRIWA

Neither storms nor ice and sleet kept us from enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Always grateful to be alive with our loved ones, we drove to daughter’s to put the finishing touches on a splendid meal. and here we are to enjoy another WEWRIWA Sunday where constructive critique is the watchword.

Last week Sally Atwood had an offer she couldn’t refuse from the sophisticated owner of a Cable Company. Watch out for men named Lance, ladies. She’s talking strictly business and he’s talking monkey business with big bucks! She returns home, hurries to find an old book to search for an answer.

Sally used a step stool to reach the top shelf in order to skim the titles and there, tucked into a corner, was the book about the stages of women’s growth.
Curled up in the comfortable old leather chair, Sally searched for the chapter she had to read to understand what happened with Lance Jordan today and why he’d be attracted to a middle aged woman.
She read: The middle years woman is just coming into her own, blossoming after years of caring for her family instead of the focus turning inward on herself.  Is she content to stay at home and be the caring wife and homemaker or does she choose to go out in the world to follow a dream of being an artist, a writer, an actor? Look in the mirror, dear lady and see there is a depth to you now from life experience.  You have a scent about you and I’m not referring to perfume; the answer is pheromones. This comes from personal sex with your mate; you are comfortable and other men feel it.  Look your best even when you go to the grocery store and see how many heads turn in your direction.

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50 thoughts on “11/30/14 WEWRIWA

  1. A pass from a man-not-her-husband definitely made an impression on her and left her feeling a bit confused. The book is certainly something from her much younger years considering the tone. Very authentic and leaves the reader a bit worried abou how she will react. Great 8.

  2. The book she’s reading from sounds like Clarissa Pinkola Estes wrote it. 🙂 I like that she’s researching it, Charmaine!

    Glad you made it to your Thanksgiving dinner, in spite of what mother nature threw at you! 🙂 Onward into the Christmas season, now. 🙂

  3. I like Sally more every week and I’m not kidding! That’s my kind of woman–when unsure, read something about it! This is one of those stories about “average” people that, in other writers’ hands, don’t interest me much. Your characters, though, and the way you tell their stories always pull me in.

    I live right on the edge of where Western New York’s Snowpocalypse happened, and am thankful my family & I are all right. Am also glad you & yours are well. Sending hugs your way!

    • Hi Marcia, you’re making my day yet again.

      I live 30 miles north west of NYC. We had a blizzard, not too scary since hubs was home to drive me to the nurse who showed us how to use a drug thingy once a day for two years. Called Forteo to strengthen bones and prevent breaks. Hopefully. I’ve always been so active, a dancer, tennis, skier, exercise and more. He gives me the shot. No pain, no gain.

      Hugs back atcha.!

  4. Neat snippet today. I especially enjoyed the book of advice which resounded truth. Loved this line “…you are comfortable and other men feel it.”

  5. Glad you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family, Charmaine! Now, as for this story of yours, didn’t expect her to be quite as taken (or shaken) by the other man’s obvious interest, but it certainly makes sense. I won’t be surprised if she dresses more provocatively on her next shopping trip. 😉 Great work!

  6. I had a choice as we all do so I skipped the second encounter when she said, “NO” when his tongue-like a heat seeking missile, plunged into her mouth. Maybe I’ll use that next week/maybe not. More fish to fry as I tell the story. Thanks, my pal. I get such a kick reading your snippets. I’m sure you found the perfect tree on your hunt today.

  7. Hi Sandra, what fun to see your name pop up with a comment. Yes, pheromones are what it’s all about in my latest book Help Wanted when a lecherous new boss makes a major pass at Sally Atwood. Cyber Monday Sale is on at All romance-50% off all my books ’til midnight if you’re looking for a variety of fun reads. Thanks Sandra.

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