Cyber Monday. . .

What used to be a regular Monday after Thanksgiving has taken on a whole new meaning. Suddenly Sales,Sales and more Sales and this year All Romance has a special sale going on ’til midnight with 50% off all Vanilla Heart Publishing books. There’s something for everyone in the array of stories and what a deal!

And now it’s Cyber Monday with more amazing bargains from

WOW! ARe is giving a 50% rebate just in time for Cyber Monday! One day only, grab a cartload of great reading today!
My books range from To Be Continued,Reconstructing Charlie, Now What?,Sin of Omission, The Catch, Housebroken,She Didn’t Say No,Help Wanted, Home for the Holidays, Dr.D and the Dad, The Final Curtain, Farewell,Hello, Young at Heart, Instant Grandpa, and more. YIKES! Did I really write all those stories? Yes, I did.
At 50% off, Such a deal and just for today.
With Christmas coming soon, treat yourself.
Thanks for your support and love to all.
Charmaine Gordon                                               Charmaine_-10_sATURATED_pp8x10g-72y

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