12/14/14 WEWRIWA

Somehow the week flew by. I didn’t post anything on my blog. Today daughter,grandest granddaughter,two big dogs and I went to a super nice patient photographer where many pics were taken and grandest had three changes of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen. A dizzying array with barking for a background. When I was a kid, way long ago, A couple of snapshots with a Baby Brownie sufficed. I wore a red satin bow in my hair  and a sweet dress Mom picked out with black patent leather Mary Jane’s. The good old , simple days. Then they remembered Granny was there and pulled me over for a few shots. Three generations. All of us were exhausted when the shoot ended. Live and be well until next year.

Now for this week’s wewriwa, folks. This will be the final posting on Help Wanted. I’ve been skipping through the story, enjoying the excerpts to share with you and now that I have a WIP in progress, I need your help. So let me catch you up. When last seen, Sally was kissed by Lance and said , loud and clear , “NO.” She knew she had to get him off her back before she landed on her back. She has a plan. Her friend Judy Audevard, the director of Hudson Valley Pause for a Cause ( BTW, Judy and this wonderful group is real)have agreed to bring their therapy dogs to the Veteran’s Hospital in River’s Edge to entertain the wounded vets. It’s a powerful chapter but I can’t write it all here, of course. The hospital administrator meets with Sally.

Excerpt in eight:

This was Sally’s first experience at a Veteran’s Hospital and nervous, heart beating fast  now it was her turn to look down a corridor at a sea of soldiers, some with missing arms and legs; some with bandaged faces and heads. But it was the eyes,  dear God, their eyes that gripped Sally’s heart.
 “Ms. Atwood, I’m Celine Lawrence;Lance Jordan called and cleared the way regarding  protocol for a digital recording of the interview because I’ll be the final judge before we allow it on cable television.

Sally gulped, stunned by her poise, titian red hair held back in an amber clip and sparkling emerald green eyes that didn’t miss anything even as they spoke. She immediately made a plan to transfer Lance’s affection for her to this beautiful doctor without a ring on her finger but that didn’t mean much so she asked, “Celine, this may be too intimate a question to ask but are you married?”
“No, are you?” the good doctor asked with a touch of humor.
“Yes, thirty five years,it’s my curious reporter’s mind snooping I’m proud to say but Lance Jordan, the boss will oversee the shoot to insure we do it right.”

Her smile had a touch of Mona Lisa when she said his name; “Just the other day Lance Jordan came to check out our hospital and  he said he’d make sure they brought enough light and technicians,and the smooth talker said a lot of things including inviting me to lunch.”

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39 thoughts on “12/14/14 WEWRIWA

  1. *snickers* I somehow find it amusing when women try to pawn off the men they don’t want on other women. If you don’t want him, no one else probably does either! ROFL…It’s always funny to know when your instincts are right. Lance was going after both of them at the same time? For shame for shame.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Has Lance transferred his interest, or is he just that much of a flirt? 🙂

    And these assignments sure are putting Sally through an emotional wringer! I’m sure she’ll be stronger for them, though.

  3. I thought it was fun that she was trying a little matchmaking, although I agree with the others that Lance needs to tone himself down a bit…the photo session sounded like lots of fun! Great snippet, have enjoyed the story unfolding week to week very much.

  4. Interesting exchange of dialogue but a great snippet. Lance was pursuing both of them, but its a good thing Sally put the brakes on him. Hopefully he’ll back off for good. 🙂

  5. I am touched by the emotion you show in those seven words, “But it was the eyes, dear God” – excellent snippet. And I love your shameless plug for such a worthy organization 😉 (Hudson Valley Pause for a Cause)

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