A Moment with Michael J. Fox

There have been many delightful moments during my acting career. This one was a doozy. No excitement, just standing by. Oh well.The movie Doc Hollywood showed up last night on the telly. Oh yeah, I thought, been there one sunny day in New York years ago and watched him in action or rather watched the famous actor guarded by two-not one but two- beefy armed guards, one on each side of the actor. He spoke to no one; no one got near enough not even yours truly who always had a revealing fun time with the stars. Perhaps Mr. Fox had a bad experience¬† and needed protection. Who knows. The actors sat at a distance outside on the cold stone steps of a hospital. for a long time, relieved when lunch break came. We couldn’t wait for the tedious day to end.

The star we loved and laughed with on a television series Family Ties became seriously ill way too young. Fearlessly he battled and won; raised a family with a lovely actress,Tracy Pollan, how well I recall them meeting on the TV series, so here’s to you during this holiday season, Michael J. Fox from an admirer long ago. My best to you and your loved ones.


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