12/30/14 WEWRIWA

It’s not only WEWRIWA day but Don and I are celebrating 12 years of wedded bliss. After eleven years of Shh-living together-don’t tell our kids- The widower and the widow met at a recycling single men party in NJ and that was IT for us.Enough of getting to know you with strangers, we hit it off.

Today I continue with my WIP, Breaking New Ground-thank you Evelyn- After thinking about the story, I realized I was moving too fast, making it too sweet and losing conflict we all like. So I did a bit of editing and let me know what you think, my friends. The housing complex is already well under construction when a snag comes up.

Max cleared his throat, “The company can’t build on one section,” he gestured to the wooded area close to her home, “because you’re on the grounds; I mean your house is built on part of the property necessary to the plans and owned by James Chandler, president of the construction company’s”
The widow laughed, a hearty one that rang in their ears and said, “Tough tushies to your company and to you so scat, I have work to do,” and turned her rigid back to them.
“But Mrs. Brown, our company is prepared to relocate you to another part of River’s Edge where you’ll be comfortable with air conditioning and new appliances and whatever you need.”
This time when she faced the young men she held a broom in her hands, a determined look crossed her face, “You go back to the clunk head of your company and tell him I have no intention of ever moving from the home we built fifty years ago, brick by brick, board by board, nail by nail. Let him build his community for adults-only and what the hell kind of place is that without kids because family is the life’s blood of our country. Take a few apples from the baskets at the door; we planted those trees” gnarled hands gestured toward the side yard, “when we moved in. The apples are sweet as sugar but you wouldn’t know about that.”
As they left, Max and Frank heard a child’s voice call out. “Granny, I need your help for some homework.”

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10565219_10202759512405320_3484045201100648786_nLast summer. Don was undergoing radiation and has now completely recovered from prostate cancer. Yippee!

Happy New Year to all and to all a goodnight. With love from Charmaine

38 thoughts on “12/30/14 WEWRIWA

  1. I knew she was going to dig her heels in, she’s spunky, I like that. One observation, your line “…owned by James Chandler, president of the construction company’s” seems unfinished or maybe you meant to say “company.” ?
    Happy anniversary!

  2. I LOVE this snippet, Charmaine! I like her spunk, and I love the word choice “clunk head”. And though it’s serious, I had to grin with the image of her holding the broom– the possibility that she could hit him with it is funny. That last line where you bring in the grandchild? Perfect!

    Happy anniversary! How wonderful that you two found each other and it’s such a great match. Beating the cancer–such a blessing. Happy New year to you, dear girl!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Charmaine! My parents are celebrating 35 years tomorrow. They got married back in 1979, and it was so unseasonably warm that day that they all went to the ceremony without jackets.

    Love the dialogue in this snippet! You convey so much through her words and gestures. So happy you liked the title I suggested! 🙂

    • The example your parents set for you and if there are siblings is a good one. Meet the one right for you, marry forever and make it good. Don’t ever just walk away.

      Happy you like the snippet. A work in progress is delicate as it grows. Thanks to wewriwa and our community of writers we make bringing the story to life easier.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    I’d commented last week that she was an adult, so they should build around, but now I see that she’s not an adult only! 😀

    I can’t wait for Mr. Chandler to show up and be cut down to size! 🙂

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    I love how she talks about the things she’s done since she’s first moved in, the way she describes how her heart blood is part of this house. And the final sentence is filled with conflict for the Adult Only community;).

  6. Congratulations! No wonder you write such wonderful love stories- you’re living one. Loved the snippet. Mrs. Brown is going to provide plenty of well-deserved conflict for the construction company, I’m sure.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I’m really enjoying your heroine, love her feistiness and spirit. I find it amusing that the people from the company can’t understand why she doesn’t just relocate to the more modern location at the drop of a big check LOL. Good times ahead no doubt. Happy New Year, hugs to you, my friend!

    • As you know, I’m getting a kick out of creating this new character and a story with a lot of conflict. Next week you’ll meet her grandchild living with her temporarily. I so wish we were close where you could drop by for dinner or we could go out and howl at the moon.

  8. Loved this snippet! I adore your character and her spunk!
    Happy Anniversary! And congrats on the wonderful new for husbands recovery!!
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Years!!

  9. I love this lady’s no-nonsense response and the aggressive way she holds her broom. The final lines, “…what the hell kind of place is that without kids because family is the life’s blood of our country…” resonated wisdom. Awesome snippet!

  10. Happy anniversary! I hope your day is as grand as you are!

    Nice snippet! I love her strength and determination. Is there anything greater than a woman holding her ground? Very well done! 🙂

  11. Congrats! Great to hear Don beat cancer, too!
    I hope the two of you have a great new year and many more healthy ones ahead.
    The snippet was good, too, so, aaah, “you!”

  12. Congratulations on your anniversary! Your character reminds me of my grandma on my mom’s side of the family. People knew not to mess with her 🙂

    Keep smiling,

  13. Happy anniversary, Charmaine! And yay on Don’s recovery. Love the picture ❤️ I love the snippet too. I enjoy a character that knows how to hold her ground!

    Oh, and happy new year! To a 2015 filled with more wonderful snippets!

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