1/11/15 WEWRiWA

Okay, I give up. It’s definitely winter but I do like the one minute of daylight each evening. So there’s the good, bad and the promise of Spring ahead. Hubs decided we should do spring cleaning starting in the basement. Exhausting and rewarding. Togetherness. Yikes!

Today I continue with Breaking New Ground. Lats week, Grans, aka Celia Brown, helped her granddaughter with an interview for a first grade project. Meanwhile the two young me reported bad news  to James Chandler. The boss paced the splendid office, decorated to impress potential clients. Max and Frank watched him as if they were at a tennis match. Back and forth, back and forth. Abruptly he stopped and surveyed the map of the project on the wall. Next he swiveled to gaze at the huge table set up of the finished community. He turned to the young representatives of his company and said, “And this old lady won’t cave so I’ll have to talk to the town advisory committee.”

Chapter 3

Marcus O’Brien, the gray haired man head of the town advisory committee sat imbedded in the old leather seat and turned to another folder as his toupee shifted. “Anna,” he shouted into the loud speaker, “What’s this all about?” and his  petite secretary hurried in calling, “Your raving is my command, oh lord and master of us all.”
He peered through gold rimmed spectacles perched too low to wave a sheath of papers in front of her yelling, “Did I hear you say raving?”
“Yes, you do need a hearing aid adjustment however, sir so now what’s your prob today and stop shouting when you need me; just push the red button and ask politely.”
Anna Youngblood knew Mr. O’Brien had trouble keeping secretaries and raised in a tribe where girls outnumbered the boys and were taught to be tough from childhood, she figured a job was no biggie  so here she was dressed in her usual short skirt, fringed boots, and low cut sweater campus style, kind of, because she also had college classes at night.
She quick read the papers to find the elderly Mrs. Brown refused to give up her piece of property interfering with the grandiose plan of a James Chandler and good for her, shame on him.

When James Chandler called to  request an appointment with Mr. O’Brien that afternoon, she put him on hold to tell the boss the guy who wants to chuck that great old lady, Mrs. Brown, out of her house so he can build a gated community, La De Da! and our calendar is free today so let’s pencil him in.”
“Mr. O’Brien has a full schedule but he can just about fit you in at two today but between us, he hates being kept waiting.”

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37 thoughts on “1/11/15 WEWRiWA

  1. I knew she wasn’t going to back down, certainly not without a fight. I’m glad to see she is sticking to her guns and causing them all kinds of consternation.

  2. Anna is my hero! LOVED this line: “Your raving is my command, oh lord and master of us all.” 😀 She’s so spunky and confident. The perfect secretary for a guy like him. Wonderful work, Charmaine!

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