What does one talented person do when he moves to the Happy country of Denmark?

My youngest son, Paul married Eva Stengade one year ago. She’s a remarkable lovely artist, a Dane. To make a living in this super small country, one must work extra hard and they do. Paul is an internationally known dancer, once a performer with the Second Hand and now on his own yet not. He gave me the confidence to travel with him or meet him in foreign lands after my first husband passed on. Fearful of single after being doubles for many years-like almost since I met Bud at age fifteen, Paul took me by the hand and guided me. We sat in gardens in London, the Dead Sea near Jerusalem, East and West Berlin, a Turkish deli where the food was outstanding,  and castles in Edinburgh.. All the while, I watched in the audience to see his performances, the proud mother. Oh and once in NYC at the David Letterman show I had the privilege of being a part of the audience watching Second Hand, three young men who created acrobatic funny dances, unique at the time.

Payback for all the time Paul came to see me in dramas and comedies on stage and hold my hand when we saw Working Girl, a terrific movie released a few months after we lost our dear Bud. Here’s a promo shot of Paul and the work he’s doing now as a teacher in Denmark. This mom is so proud.

actors1reduxopStorytelling1reduxopIf you know any dancers, actors in need of perfecting their craft and live near Denmark, do contact my son, Paul Gordon for the best they will ever learn.

Thanks for stopping by to share in my stories.

Best always,

Charmaine Gordon, author

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