1/18/15 WEWRIWA

Hi Gang out there. Come join WEWRIWA where everyone is welcome to post eight sentences from a published or WIP story. Leave a constructive comment and become a part of our community of writers.

Today I’ll continue with my WIP, Breaking New Ground. Last week I introduced you to Anna Youngblood , secretary to Marcus O’Brien of the advisory board in River’s Edge. She makes an appointment for James Chandler, CEO of the Construction Company, to come in with his grievance against the widow, Celia Brown. Anna cleans the dusty office, makes coffee, buys brownies from the bakery around the corner and writes a script for the boss to follow. A crisp new folder held the script and all the information needed to outwit the big man with major bucks who thought he could outwit small town folks. Anna repaired her make-up to perfection and brushed her shining long black hair. The stage was set
The boss sat up straight, cleared his throat and like the pro he once was, they began to rehearse and at ten minutes before two, they shook hands and Anna returned to the receptionist desk.

excerpt in eight:
James Chandler straightened his red power tie and entered the office; his eyes widened to see a beautiful bronzed skin young woman with eyes as black as midnight.

He said, “As you know, Chandler Construction is building a gated community for mature adults  and one item is preventing the clean lines of our design at the opening where the gates will be is an old house owned by a Mrs. Celia Brown. I own a part of this piece of property and this woman is being unreasonable and I’m here to ask you what we can do about her.
The town advisory board chairman spoke up; “You refer to Mrs. Brown as this woman, do you know
Celia and Daniel Brown headed up the advisory board fifty years ago and advised us to keep our small town friendly and kind knowing River’s Edge would grow and bring new folks here because of the legendary streams, waterfalls, and beauty and the town must be friendly so you see, Mrs. Brown is not this woman. Anna, please usher out Mr. um. . .”Anna filled in, “Chandler.”

In the outer office, the CEO asked the secretary, “Anna, Ms. Youngblood, I can make you an offer for a very good job with my company. ”
His eyes lit up when she smiled and he said,“To begin with, dinner later at River’s Edge Finest  Restaurant where I’ve heard it’s the best.”
“Bye bye, James um Chandler.”

for more snippets from talented writers:


Charmaine Gordon, author of She Didn't Say No, a mature romance


40 thoughts on “1/18/15 WEWRIWA

  1. It’s nice to see that Celia has friends in the right places. It will be interesting to find out what the CEO does next.
    I was a little surprised that the confrontation was over so quickly. You set it up that he had a script and Anna provided him with valuable information. He even rehearsed it, but in the end he only says one sentence. Just a thought;).

  2. Sounds like they gave him the bum’s rush. I would expect him to be pretty peeved but instead he goes immediately to flirting with Anna. Maybe he realized who the brain behind the boss really is? A very fun snippet. I’d love to see these two sparring over dinner.

  3. I really like the way that O’Brien put Chandler in his place. Chandler is much too smug as far as I am concerned and I am pleased that Anna seemed to see right through him. Great snippet.

  4. I was going to ask if Anna was actually the heroine of this novel, but you answered it with your reply to Kate. I’m so pleased that there’s a sequel planned (r maybe written) already! 🙂

  5. Glad you explained why all the preparation with the script kinda vanished, although I liked the snippet! Interesting how Mr. Chandler shifts gears right away after his initial rebuff to try to get Anna on his side. I’m sure she’ll be more than a match for him! And so much fun to watch…excellent excerpt!

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