Don’t be “I used to do that” person

The other day daughter said she planned to paint the playroom. I said, “I can do that.” I recalled how I painted the house in Florida where she lived while going to Flagler College and later working as a fitness model.

“No, Mom. You used to do that.” Sadness swept over me. What was I thinking? At my age with back probs and more, I can’t even tap dance. Then I said, “I can sit on a step stool and paint the lower parts of the wall. Yes I can.” Right away my future brightened. I can do it. An ad for a commercial. This broad can figure out how to fit in no matter how old I am. So I’m asking you, my friends out there, don’t give up when life drops wicked items in your path. Survive and thrive is my motto. Let it be yours. Re-assemble yourself to fit an older maybe better image of yourself.

The stories I write are about women and men who overcome hurdles in life. I’m proud to say my first book with Vanilla Heart Publishing, To Be Continued, and this is before I knew much about the craft of writing, is optioned for a television movie. The story came to me in a dream. The next morning, I wrote. And continued to write until The End when I cried. I loved watching Beth Malone grow as a woman, a mother, take on tasks she’d never done before. She got over saying, this fictional character of mine, I used to do that and plunged in to become the woman she once was. Strong, efficient, and loved.


After a night of passion with her husband of forty years, Elizabeth Malone wakes to  find a note. “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.” Frustrated by daughter Susie’s attitude, “Dad’s having a mid life crisis; he’ll return, Beth decides to re-group and become the woman she used to be. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!

To Be Continued
in Audio, Paperback, and Kindle

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4 thoughts on “Don’t be “I used to do that” person

  1. Hey Charmaine, wanted you to know that this post means something important to me. I’m struggling along at a point in my life where I expected things would be much better. There’s a lot of uncertainty about my future. I love your “can do” attitude, though. Very inspiring. And you’re a real live person, not a fictional character whose author has planned everything out! Thanks for posting this, and wishing you the very best of everything in your life 🙂

  2. I’ve missed you, Marcia, and had a feeling something was off kilter. The things life can hurl at you when you’re not looking are scary. You go on or sink. I choose to rise above, to place one foot in front of the other and smile. Geez! That’s hard to do. Easier to mope along. That’s not me and I hope it’s not you. Did I read on FB your Mom’s in a home now and you received a huge bill? I may be wrong but I think it was yesterday or the day before. If so, that totally sucks. Chin up, my friend. If you need a bony shoulder to lean on as you collect yourself, call on me.

  3. That wasn’t me on Facebook, but it’s sweet of you to offer those sympathies. Sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of, well, shit flying around and most of it landing on me! It’s easy to forget the good things and good people that really are around. Some things are out of my hands, but others are not, and those are the things I need to grab on and twist till I like them better. It is hard. Whining is easier! Big big hugs to you, dear. Your support means a lot to me.

  4. Marcia, I’m sad to know you’re going through a bad time. A shit storm, so to speak. I’ve been there more than once and it sucks. How I survived, I’ll never know. I don’t know if you’re married or what your status is and do you have a support system but my arms and ears are open wide any time. email
    I live in Rockland County, Pearl River NY. About 30 miles north of NYC.

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