2/1/15 WEWRIWA

A new month begins. How I love February, month of my birth. More about that in a couple of weeks. Welcome to our wonderful community of writers where each week we post eight sentences and in return receive constructive critique to improve our writing.

This week I have a story to tell about me, an actor for many years who suddenly lost my voice. It’s called spasmodic dysphonia–not pretty when your voice is no longer there when you need it. A friend suggested I write a book. I laughed. Who me? I didn’t know how to use a computer back then and with no writing experience, how would I begin? Creative juices kicked in and I stumbled through a story. Someone mentioned query letters. I didn’t have a clue but I found out and sent them to the agents etc I thought might be interested. Actors are accustomed to rejection. No biggie, I thought as the first few came in. And here’s where it gets interesting. A publisher of children’s books up in Warwick, NY wanted to open an adult section and she contacted me. Before long I was published. A year later the small company closed.

Then I got a call from Chelle Cordero, who invited me to B&N at the Palisade Mall on a Friday night, local authors only. We met. She had eight books. I displayed my one and only. She bought my book and I reciprocated. I called to ask about her publisher, Vanilla Heart Publishing and got a wow review about Kimberlee Williams. Chelle suggested I call her. She also said she loved my first and only book and mentioned me to Kimberlee. So I called.

Big discussion ensued about me getting the rights to the first book. Alas, it didn’t work and then she asked what else did I have tucked away. I told her about To Be Continued. “Send me the manuscript. Let’s see what it’s all about.”

And that’s how my writing career began. Now I’ve signed an option for a television movie with a producer. Good things happen when you least expect. Put in the time and don’t give up.


After a night of passion with her husband of forty years, not a common event any more, Elizabeth Malone wakes to find a note. “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.” Saddened to find daughter Susie’s attitude is so casual,”Dad’s just having a mid-life crisis, he’ll be back.” Beth is determined to re-establish herself as the winner she once was. When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise!

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To Be Continued
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49 thoughts on “2/1/15 WEWRIWA

  1. I’ve learned a few things since signing the option. It takes time for the producer to get the funding and blah, blah goes the conversation. I signed and now I continue to write, hopeful I’ll get to see To Be Continued on TV but I move on. Wait and see. It’s not in my hands anymore. Thanks, Dani.

  2. Oh wow. This is so exciting, Charmaine. Keep us posted so I can watch the movie and say, “I know the author of the book.” πŸ˜€

  3. Wow your bog was extra cool in so many ways today. First, Happy Almost Birthday (I’m a believer in celebrating all month) Second, I love your writing story and kudos to Chelle for recognizing your awesome sauce and lastly love this story idea. Her husband is in for the shock of his life I bet

    • Michelle, I feel the same way about b’days. To Be Continued, my first real book, has many facets. Single after being double since she was a teen, she finds herself alone, without friends and the stigma of abandonment by the handsome doctor. Step by step she moves on to survive and thrive.

    • I appreciate your best wishes. The producer said he was capture by the good dialogue in the story. Keep that in mind when you write. When I began, dialogue was the only thing I knew from scripts read and memorized over the years.

    • Beth Malone works hard to achieve the power she’d given up by marrying Frank. Read how she returns to swimming in the Olympic size pool she made him build for her. Fun and exciting to read how one woman can rebuild her life.

    • Thanks Alexis. It’s the beginning of a process. First the option to prevent any other producer from taking the book and then the wheel turn slowly. Meanwhile I’m writing book 20 and enjoying the building of a new story.

  4. First of all, Happy Birth Month! I love that you were born in the month of Valentine’s Day, so romantic πŸ™‚ That’s wonderful about the movie option – congratulations! How exciting! (I expect you to appear in at least one scene and we’ll all nod and be proud we know you, The Author…)

  5. So exciting! A TV movie deal. I would love to have such a dream come true. πŸ™‚ You’ll have to keep us posted!

  6. Charmaine, I’ve read most of your books and am always amazed by the depth of your characters. I remember when I read your FIRST book that I stayed awake all night unable to put it down – and then the next day I was running late to all my appointments!
    I adore To Be Continued and so admire Ms. Malone’s spunk and strength.

  7. Frank’s in for a big surprise yes, but may I say I absolutely loved your Vanilla Heart Publishing Story. I am so happy I found them also and I wish I lived closer to NY so I can join you guys!!! Fun stuff. Hoping Saturday goes well for you and that your latest snowstorm doesn’t do you in. Guess what, it’s snowing again here! 😦 I so need to move South.

  8. I’m sorry that you lost your voice. When one door closes, another one opens. Isn’t it amazing? That’s a cool story on how you became an author πŸ™‚

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