2/8/15 WEWRIWA

A week of celebration with my grandest becoming seven years old and what a marvelous pal she’s become watching after me. How time has changed with me growing older as she is obsessed with caring for me. “Watch out for the black ice, hold my hand, follow my lead.” And the laughs as we drive to religion and karate. What a joy.

Here we are on my favorite day, Sunday where weekend writers write eight sentences and learn from constructive critique.

Today I’ll post one more snippet from To Be Continued. After a book singing at Barnes &Noble this afternoon wher customers wanted to learn more about the ‘optioned’ for a television movie, I can’t stor thinking about the pool guy Maverick who adds some spice into the awful blow to Beth Malone’s life.

She learns that Maverick means separated from the herd and realizes her husband Frank did just that when he married her. Beth and Maverick have built a covered Olympic size pool so she can swim all year. One night he knocks on the locked door as she finishes her workout.

Excerpt in eight:
He shuffled around in his boots looking ashamed for disturbing her and then picked a towel off the rack and patted water from Beth’s arms, “Sorry. Didn’t mean to frighten you,  He dried Beth’s arms, and looked into her eyes.
They were close; so close she dripped on his cowboy boots.
Beth noticed once again the age lines around his eyes, creases next to the nice mouth and thought , no way was he a young kid; more like late thirties—early forties and she was definitely fifty eight.
What was the question she’d heard she’d heard in the ladies locker room at the club; how many times does forty go into fifty
He kissed her, stopped with the pats, pulled her wet self closer, and kissed the hell out of her. The climate controlled air upped an notch, bare toes left the puddled surface and steam came from Beth’s lycra swim suit that suddenly felt a size too small.
“Whoa,” Beth said but he didn’t whoa; instead he nibbled his way down Beth’s neck to her shoulder, slipped off the left strap and licked her skin as he continued with merciless kisses, a tongue Beth dreamed of when she was
young and every night since. “That day. . .I intruded on your private time and watched a beautiful lady dive and swim, graceful with so much power, I’ve wanted you ever since.”
for more snippets from talented writers:


To Be Continued newstyle 3D (2)To Be Continued
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42 thoughts on “2/8/15 WEWRIWA

    • As I read through the book searching for this scene, I realized I was way into the story. Oh Maverick, what a guy!
      One granny to another, aren’t they wonders of the world and just think, we can say bye,bye and not have to pay for college.

  1. Holy smokes! I love that he didn’t ‘whoa’. He just kissed and nibbled and continued to drive her out of her mind. Delicious! So excited for you and all the wonderful things happening in your life. The signing sounds like it was fabulous!

  2. So many great details in this scene! I especially love her shrinking swimsuit. Very well done. So, what hunky actor would you cast as Maverick? I’ve got a few ideas if the producers need suggestions. 🙂

  3. Well all RIGHT! Thoroughly enjoyed this scene and I’m glad he didn’t stop and that she didn’t make him stop and….yup, I love this story. Happy birthday (belated) to your Grandest!

  4. Getting a little steamy in here. Looks like Maverick’s going for it all the way and won’t take no for an answer (don’t think he’s going to get one either). Love their chemistry.

  5. LOL, I was gonna say well alright and noticed Veronica stole the words out of my mouth. LOL. I love sexy kisses. DH and I plan to neck and make out for valentines to remember when it was new and young. Nothing does that like a good kiss. Thanks for this Charmaine

    • You see romance categories,erotica and thrillers/mysteries but no mature romance and that’s what I write. Check one out on Amazon, then write a review asking for more mature romance that says, “It isn’t over ’til it’s over.” Thanks Karyn.

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