A Moment with Leonard Nimoy. . .

The year was 1990. The scene was shot in the famous large book store of Fifth Avenue in NYC. Gene Wilder had time to look at Gilda Radner’s book, “It’s always Something.” We stood close together as the Director, the famous Leonard Nimoy rode back and forth on a small track using a hand held camera. The technicians were star struck watching the thin intense man. I spoke softly to Gene Wilder. We both had suffered a loss recently: me of my beloved husband and Gene’s Gilda, the well known comedian of Saturday Night Live, died of cancer. Tears fell until cameras were ready. What a day. Afterward we hugged and moved on. I shook hands with Mr. Nimoy and told him it was a pleasure watching him work. The movie was Funny About Love.

Still of Leonard Nimoy and Gene Wilder in Funny About Love (1990)The two men standing outside during a break.

4 thoughts on “A Moment with Leonard Nimoy. . .

    • All because I had the guts to take one step forward and then another and became a small fish in an ocean of talent. The memory of Leonard Nimoy on a track holding the camera is priceless. In all the movies I’d worked in, never had a director been so intense and rode a small trolley..

  1. I’m starstruck reading about your part in this scene. Fantastic memory to cherish. Now, I have it too. Thanks, Charmaine.

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