A Moment With Harrison Ford. . . .

I have a sweet spot in my heart for Harrison Ford. When I heard his small plane crashed yesterday, it brought back memories of days when the World Trade Center was still in tact, when the word terrorists didn’t make us shiver too much, when my career as an actor had just begun, and a few months before I lost my first love. who never got to see the movie, Working Girl. That’s the day I shared a hot dog with the famous actor during lunch break outside where the word was Never Talk to the Stars. Or what,I thought? and walked right over and said, ” I loved your work in Witness, especially the scene in the barn where you sang, “Don’t know much about history. . .”

The handsome young man smiled his crooked smile and together we sang the song on that glorious Spring day.

Life has changed for us since then. He’s married, I met another super guy and married him a couple of years after my first love passed. My children have come and gone; daughter has given me the love of my life , my grandest granddaughter now just seven who teaches me more than I ever taught her and talented youngest son Paul married Eva Stengade- they live in Denmark and we Skype- a lot. Instead of acting, I write-twenty stories to my credit now.

I wish Harrison Ford a speedy recovery and best wishes. Who knows if he remembers our moment in time and who cares.

I do.

Harrison Fords Jules Verne Award (cropped).JPG

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