3/8/15 WEWRIWA

Welcome to our world, folks, where you can post eight sentences and get feedback of constructive critique. It’s a wonderful world. Join us.

My WIP is officially titled Bridging the Gap thanks to Chelle Cordero. She’s in the lead with two titles thus far. What a woman.

Hero, James Chandler tripped and fell forward against the wooden platform bed. Anna called 911 because he was bleeding from his head and appeared to be out cold. She couldn’t wake him. At the hospital emergency room, a kin doctor took over; James had an MRI , got his head stitched up and at last, Anna was allowed to see him.

excerpt in eight:

Pale as the sheet covering him, forehead bandaged, Jimmy looked as if he’d been in a war and lost. Anna inhaled a deep breath, exhaled and marched in, “you owe me lace trimmed satin panties, James um Chandler and I want them now ’cause it’s chilly under here”and she lifted her skirt to expose her bare bottom .
In a weak voice, he called to her, “Come to me, Anna.”
“That’s how we got in this mess, love and I had to call 911 when I couldn’t wake you. Dr. Cohen said you have a concussion and he stitched you good so you won’t fall apart all because of that damn platform bed the mattress slipped aside and you fell against the wood.”
“Come to me, Anna,” she did just as an orderly wheeled in a cot for her to sleep on.
They slept despite interruptions on and off and in the morning, breakfast for two came in compliments of the good doctor with a note: Kindness to Strangers is the Motto of our Town. Strangers no more, James Chandler and your lady, Anna, I’ll be back to see you after I catch a few ZZZ’s. Dr. Brad Cohen.

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44 thoughts on “3/8/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Hey the poor guy just had a serious head injury and unconsciousness – raising her skirt to expose a bare bottom? She is going to raise his blood pressure that way, oy! LOL. Very cute scene. Great 8.

  2. What a way to wake up! 😀

    Methinks she’s covering up a bot if embarrassment by uncovering without embarrassment. Or something . . . I have Time Change Brain this morning!

  3. Ha! Love this, Charmaine! Raising her skirt like a saucy little minx. 😀 Is Dr. Cohen accepting any new patients? I’m interested!

  4. “Pale as the sheet covering him…” I love that line, Charmaine. I immediately had a picture in my mind! And she’s spunky, lol, lifting her skirt in the room! Nice!

    Are you getting a late winter thaw in your neck of the woods? 🙂 I do hope so.

  5. A thaw to melt the mountains of snow. Grandest is soon to arrive. One of the dogs tore an ear off one of many stuffed animals. We will sew. Daughter hasn’t a clue but grandest will know exactly how. In fact daughter offered to buy a new one and grandest declined the offer. “Granny and I will do it.” Fun.

  6. The doctor is wonderful; Anna knows exactly what to do to improve her guy’s mood and James doesn’t stand a chance of resisting her! All the ingredients for another wonderful story from you 🙂 Enjoyed the excerpt of course!

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