3/15/15 WEWRIWA

Snow melts against the house and what do I see? Crocus pushing through the dirt, leaves to be raked  and the possibility of SPRING. There are walks to be taken, exercise to accomplish but first I write. So I lost my precious voice. Sad but it’s not the worst. My brain is percolating and I feel strong. Best to all who visit and join WEWRIWA. You’re missing a wonderful treat if you don’t stop by today.

Last week, James Chandler bonded with his Anna when she cozied up to him in the narrow hospital bed while he recovered from a nasty concussion. They also connected with Brad Cohen, a kind young doctor in the Emergency Room. From wheelchair to limousine, James and Anna settle in with Roscoe, the driver and friend. “Home, Roscoe.”
“You okay, chief?” “Not bad. Ms. Anna saved my life.”

excerpt in eight
At the first red light, Roscoe, an ex con with his best skill behind the wheel, turned his head, “Chief, she owns you now.”
Anna scoffed; “That’s a superstition because in the tribe, if you save a life, the one you’ve saved is indebted to you for life.” A ripple of pleasure ran through her as the light turned green; the ‘Benz rolled on and Anna nestled close to feel her lover’s heat she said, “You owe me white silk panties and don’t forget it.”
They passed a lingerie shop on the way to his condo James called, “Roscoe, please stop here and wait.”

 Pale and a bit shaky, James Chandler emerged into the brilliant sunshine of a spring day with Anna beside him, he inhaled the fresh air and let his lungs expand.
“Jimmy, I didn’t mean right now, I have enough panties and you’re not ready to enter a shop.”
Roscoe steadied his boss, helped him to a bench right there on Main Street and suddenly James’ eyes drooped and shut, again he’d fallen asleep.
“Shovel him back in the car, please, let’s get the big guy home,” and a frightened Anna called Dr. Brad Cohen.

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34 thoughts on “3/15/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Men, when will they learn to follow doctor’s orders? An obvious concussion and he’s looking to play Romeo, oy.
    Very entertaining snippet!

  2. Lol, the bump on his head obviously made him loose some of his common sense. Very cute that he wants to pay his debt right then and there. Fun snippet.
    One question, what tribe is Anna referring to? I don’t remember you mentioning that before.

    • He’s the CEO of a huge Construction Company. he met Anna in Breaking New Ground-Book 4 the River’s Edge Series. She’s made a new man of him and now we move on to possible wedding plans and more twists. Thanks, Alexis.

  3. I did and you’ve forgotten. Bad mark for you, Tina. She ran away from her tribe upstate NY two years ago and established herself in River’s Edge where she met James Chandler the wealthy young CEO of a huge construction Company. Now we have a Native American girl in her twenties with a Caucasion man. who wants to marry her. More next week. You’re forgiven, my friend. So many eights, so little time.

  4. Well, he’s certainly a man of his word. I don’t think I’d stop if I had a concussion. Anna had better take care of this one. Sounds like a keeper! Great 8! Tweeted.

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