3/22/15 WEWRIWA

Yes, it snowed big time and now it’s melting on the first day of spring. Way cool. This has not been my best week, folks. A bout of Vertigo set me back a few days leaving me weak. Geez! When does it end? One step at a time and I’ll be fit again. Nothing stops this woman, right?

I continue with my WIP–Bridging the Gap. Last week James planned to buy his Anna white silk panties on the way home from the hospital and had a fainting episode right there on Main Street in front of the lingerie shop. Anna and Roscoe, their driver,hauled him back in the limousine and she called their friend, Dr. Cohen. He arrived at the same time  they did and up they went to the penthouse where James made it over to a leather couch and melted into it.

excerpt in eight:

Out came the stethoscope, penlight and all the other accoutrement the good doctor brought in his magic bag.

“This black bag is an antique handed down from my gramps to my dad and now me,” he patted the worn leather with worship in his blue eyes.

” Blood pressure’s a bit high but not to worry, I may have the solution.” Brad Cohen opened the other bag that had started to wiggle; like a magician, he pulled out a puppy. “She’s a therapy dog, a Beagle like Snoopy in the Charlie Brown cartoons only she’s a year and a half old and certified like a college degree for dogs because a lot of hard work and training goes into certification.”
The three humans watched the pooch sniff all around and suddenly climb up on Jimmy’s lap to lay her paws and head against his chest right under his chin. The CEO ‘s rough palms reached up to stroke the smooth coat of multi colors, white, brown, and a touch of black.

Anna ‘s eyes glistened with tears ready to fall; she held them in control.
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46 thoughts on “3/22/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Aww, such a sweet moment. Therapy dogs just get right in there and tug at the heartstrings. Beautiful excerpt.

  2. Therapy dogs can be good idea, but I gotta admit I’m surprised the doctor carried one around with him…but then I have no idea how the doctor has been characterized before now.

  3. Awe, puppies are the best. Dogs are healers.

    My heart was broken when I had to put down my old Pokey dog. He was 15. I couldn’t remember life without him. I swore I’d never have another dog. Two years later, I still cried over missing my old boy, and my daughter in law showed up with an unwanted 5 week old Cocker Spaniel. He turned out to be deaf, and looks full blooded Cocker in spite of the breeder being unable to guarantee lineage (a surprise litter). Leo (the lionhearted puppy) who is now 2, taught me that a dog can heal a broken heart. He’s snoozing next to me while I type.

    Excellent idea, working a puppy into the story. Most people will have a strong reaction to that, and overwhelmingly, I think it will be a positive one. 🙂

    • I’ve learned a lot about therapy dogs from Judy Audevard. She’s the director of Paws for a Cause. I’ve garnered real time information from Judy as needed and always warm a book with pets. Thanks for your support, Teresa.

  4. So sorry to hear about your vertigo, Charmaine. Hope you’re feeling better now. You certainly put a smile on my face with this excerpt. A therapy dog…so clever! It’s amazing how much animals can calm us and help us unwind from a stressful day/experience. Wonderful snippet! 🙂

  5. Hi Charmaine! Both of my sisters have occasional bouts of vertigo so I have an idea of how topsy-turvy that can make things. But you’re right, nothing stops you! Hang in there.

    Yeah love the addition of a therapy dog. Fantastic idea. Not only does it make sense in the story, it’s a great way to enforce the idea that therapy dogs contribute something solid and measurable to health care. Because they do make a big difference for a lot of people. Hope you pick up from here next time!

    • Scary business, this vertigo although it lasted a few days leaving me damn weak. But the hell with it. Life is an upside down affair to begin with from birth on.
      So good to hear from you, Marcia. Therapy dog lower blood pressure; it’s a fact.

    • More to follow, Lorien. Actually the book will be released in May in a packet of three stories in the River’s Edge Series. I’m incredibly excited about this. Dogs, a Persian cat, weddings and all kinds of real time life stuff.

  6. Oh what a very sweet scene. A therapy dog can work miracles. Heck, my dogs aren’t therapy dogs and they still work their magic. 🙂

  7. I really liked the surprise element. It’s not what doctors usually prescribe. its a really clever way to give your characters the chance to do interesting things. (You could change the breed to something smaller if the age is an issue(and hence the size); or you could change the description of the bag it came in. None of these would be issues in a longer post, for sure.). I loved it thank you for sharing.

  8. Sweet moment! Love Anna’s response.
    Two questions: If James is a CEO who works in an office why are his hands rough? Does he have a carpentry hobby or something he does outdoors? You’re probably explained that in between snippets;). Secondly, why did Dr Cohen bring the dog? James had a concussion, didn’t he? Why did he feel James needed a therapy dog? And why was the dog in bag and not on a leash?

    • James is in construction. He gets his hands dirty. The Doc and his wife got two dogs and he brought one pup to his sick patient. Surprise is in the the bag to have some fun with his new friends. Tina, you sure are a curious one. Keep asking questions and when the book comes out in May, be the first to buy. P.S. The doc also brings supplies for the beagle-leash included.

  9. So sorry to hear about your vertigo. I’ve have a mild bout and struggled. I did find the exercises helped. Hope you’re on the mend. And I’m all about dogs you know! Great post.

    • Vertigo seems to be gone but I’m left feeling weak and pissed! Damnation why the hell did this have to happen just when I got into bungee jumping. Joke! No exercise for 2 weeks. I’ll see the Doc on 4/2.
      We;re all about the dogs although I don’t like going to the dogs. No Way, No How!.

  10. No, nothing ever keeps you down, my dear Charmaine! You continue to be an inspiration for us all!

    I like the 8. I absolutely did not see the puppy coming, but boy do I love that! Such a great little scene. A lot of depth for only 8 sentences. Very well done, as usual! 🙂

  11. Awww, so sweet about the puppy in this snippet! Can’t wait to read more (I may be a cat person but I love stories with pets of any kind.) I hope the vertigo eases up, that stuff is no fun. But I love how nothing and no one spoils your lovely happiness. HUGS!

  12. What a wonderful 8 snippets. I loved the descriptions, it made it all come alive for me. I could see in my mind’s eye the leather doctor’s bag and the the scene of everyone watching the puppies cute antics. I can tell the beagle will be very theraputic for Jimmy and his family.

  13. Dogs ❤ I love that the doctor has brought them a beagle although I think it's kind of weird that he was carrying it in a bag, especially as an year and half dog would be kind of heavy to carry around. Also, is the doctor sure they want the dog?

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