And Then She Said. . .3/21/15

She always refers to my grandest but today the she is our kitten, a smart little black kitty daughter gave to hubs last Father’s Day. Her name is Lily and she rules the house and the other two much older cats.

Lily must have overheard many conversations about us getting a small dog-a Schnauzer or a Beagle. Easy to walk, playful and fun. For older folks with a few aging probs- just last Wednesday, I had an attack of Vertigo-hello, who needs this? so small dogs are where it’s at. Of course, daughter has two big dogs, one a sweet Pit Bull and one a Lab mix, a honey but BIG!.She’s cautious about me walking them. So am I.

Back to Lily who doesn’t miss anything. She raced into the living room where we had just finished one last chat about a dog. Lily climbed on my lap and folks, I swear she said, “I did the math, we can’t afford a dog.” Then she jumped off my lap to terrorize the old lady, Harley, age nineteen leaving Don and I laughing our heads off. Case closed about a dog.

Thanks for listening.10565219_10202759512405320_3484045201100648786_n

2 thoughts on “And Then She Said. . .3/21/15

  1. first this is a VERY cute couple pic. You both look beautiful and happy 🙂 I wish my hair looked like yours but alas… anyhoo be glad the cat vetoed the beagle. We have one, love her to death but she’s a runner which I did NOT know is typical of the breed. When she’s off the leash she’s on the hunt, GONE and the kids are in tears and I’m chasing her through the neighborhood while the husband stays n the house with his I told you so speech prepared. Needless to say Miley Cyrus (yes that’s her name) is 7 years old and we’ve had her for 7 years. She’s eaten 12 leashes until we got her a pit bull leash and this year we’ve added a choke chain to keep her from darting in the street when she’s on the leash 😦 Never seen a happier dog but lots of work

  2. Michelle, what a tale about your beagle! They make good therapy dogs and train well.This from an expert in the field. Maybe she inhaled some happy juice as a pup, hmm? Or her name influenced her. Seven years of nutsiness? No wonder your hubs has that speech ready. My daughter has a gentle pit bull and a Lab Setter mix.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing a part of your life other than WEWRIWA. Getting to know you is a pleasure.

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