4/5/15 WEWRIWA

What a glorious day. Love to all of my friends in celebration.

Last week The therapy beagle came to hopefully help James feel better. Brad Cohen’s instinct is paying off. He’s left Anna and James alone to give the pup a trial run.

excerpt in eight:

“How do you feel, honey?”
“Mm, in one word, peaceful, the smart pooch has that effect on me. ” He stroked her head all the way to her tail over and over again. “We want her, right? to have and to hold from this day forward?”
“Are you proposing to both of us?”
“Well, yeah so let’s play name our pup.”
Anna sat on the floor next to her guy and they laughed with all the silly ideas that came to mind. “How about ‘Doc’,” to honor Brad, our new best friend?”
The man who’d risen to success with hard work and smart ideas, nodded, “Yeah, as in “what’s up, Doc.”

for more snippets from talented writers:


Bridging the Gap to be released this month                    CVR 1aThe beagle will be on the cover. I’m so excited! Next week I’ll post one last snippet with links so please support me and order a copy. I’d so appreciate your show of affection.


30 thoughts on “4/5/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Aw! Just a super nice excerpt. Yeah I can imagine this is kind of the calm before the storm. Because without a storm, where’s the story! 🙂

    • Hi Marcia, you’ve got it. Even Walt Disney always had the wicked witch. So dear author, I tell myself, don’t get too comfy; get ready for the battle. Hope life is bright for you now that weather is improving.

  2. Oh, that was sweet. Most people don’t realize that owning a pet is a life-long commitment, just like marriage. Well done!

  3. With a puppy and a proposal, this scene is a guaranteed success.

    I think you may have left out a word, though. “He stroked FROM her head all the way to her tail”.

  4. My pleasure. Imagine, we’ve got glorious weather, no more snow. You’re a hard worker and it pays off from what you reveal. Too bad we don’t live closer.
    As for the snippet, yes it’s carefree. Good description because in all good stories, here comes conflict.

  5. What an adorable scene and literally just a slice of life… and I know you’re just getting us all nice and relaxed before the next challenge. Great 8.

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