Easter Sunday and all is well

Don and I went to visit daughter and grandest and we played ball. Did you ever play Monkey in the Middle? The best fun ever. Daughter kept saying I should sit and watch. Who me? Not so. I scrambled for every ball, grandest retrieved the ones that got away. No end to laughter ringing in the sunshine. We made a batch of bacon for a treat, dogs barked in the yard safe behind the fence and I was the last one standing. See the pic of me conducting I don’t know what. Maybe the happy in my heart.

Thanks for checking in to share my joy. Can you feel it?

10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_n CVR Bridging the Gap w beagle

New book to be released in a couple of weeks. Titled Bridging the Gap.


Anna Youngblood and James Chandler have problems. His little daughter overheard his ex say she never wanted kids; Anna must make amends for breaking rules of her tribe; he has a serious concussion and she’s pregnant. Can this couple find happiness in River’s Edge? You betcha, they can. Conflict, don’t you love it?

11091458_10204217480693616_6383228638193286044_n                                                                                                                     Here I am conducting the sunshine at the end of Monkey in the Middle

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