From Mother to Daughter with love. . .

After having a batch of sons, we moved to the Boston area and once again I decided we needed one more child. Husband reminded me that I was the one to be at home raising said children and I smiled. So pregnant once again, what a dope, this time-it was not easy. After one surgery, we managed to survive the next few months and the famous Dr. Easterday at Boston Lying-In Hospital in Brookline agreed to care for me for the next short time.

The delivery would be easy, he thought but no. After a few hours of nothing happening, he decided on C section. At that moment, baby made a move. I yelled, “It’s on the way.”

“It’s another boy. Look at the shoulders.” And then a second later, “You have a girl.” Joy spread throughout the room. “I’ll make her a dress of Swiss polka dot.”

Things went very bad for the new mother. I had a near-death experience and folks, I’m here to tell you there are choices to be made. I chose to live, to help my husband raise all those kids and not leave him alone without capable me.

So here we are on my daughter’s birthday, survivors. Her Daddy didn’t live past his 58th birthday but I’m here to be supportive, to be part of her team when she needs me, to be grandest’s Granny.

Please join me in saying happy Birthday to my daughter, Amy Malone, a daughter to be proud of.

Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter


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