4/17/15 WEWRIWA

If an author quotes says this, I believe it.

Charmaine Gordon writes charming stories filled with love! – Bestselling author of Playing For Keeps, Liz Matis
Bridging the Gap is released and ready to enjoy. WEWRIWA is thanked in the dedication for all the constructivive critique, week after week. Thanks again, my friends.
Last week Amanda, Jimmy Chandler’s young daughter revealed overhearing her mother telling someone she never wanted children. All she wanted was her husband’s money. Jimmy calls his lawyer.
At eleven thirty, Mandy’s lunch time, they picked her up from school. Lunch became a picnic once their girl shared a bite of peanut butter and jelly with her new best pal. Amanda’s face licked clean with help from little Doc, the family crowded into the elevator, a new experience for all of them. As predicted, Katherine Chandler had dressed like a sophisticated nun, all in black. At the sight of her mother, Mandy trembled. She held tight to her Daddy and new Mommy, Anna.
excerpt in eight:
The lawyer sat them in comfortable chairs across the wide table; again Mandy shivered.and whispered to Anna, “The table’s so big like a lake, she can’t swim across and grab me, can she?”
“No, honey. We’ll take care of you today and always so be tough and brave the way you were when the bulldozer came last year and you were just six.”
“And who is she?” the shrill voice of Katherine Chandler screeched as she pointed a long curved painted blue fingernail at Anna.
“She’s my new Mommy.” and small hands reached up to pull Anna’s face close where the seven year old girl planted a kiss on Anna’s cheek.
Like the big bad wolf who expected to blow the house down, Katherine demanded to see legal papers and flustered, the high priced lawyer she’d engaged to represent her,

requested the documents,

“This is ridiculous,” Katherine pointed to the date, yesterday, “He wants my baby girl, come to Mommy.”
“What kind of a Mommy are you ’cause you left me alone all the time  with no Mommy to say hi with a kiss after school.”
The Chandler’s lawyer Ralph Merritt rose to say, “This proves Katherine Chandler to be unfit as a mother; she has damaged her daughter and we have proof she never wanted her and the child, Amanda Chandler, wishes to be separated from Katherine Chandler forever.  She may be seven years old but she knows what you’ve done.”


34 thoughts on “4/17/15 WEWRIWA

  1. How sad for the little one to have such horrible feelings about her (birth) mother and how wonderful that she feels safe with Anna. I have a feeling though that Anna is going to become a “target” from pure viciousness. Great snippet, very detailed dynamics.

  2. Wow! Poor little girl! She must have had a horrible childhood to feel that way about her mother. I hope things start looking better for her from now on. Great snippet, Charmaine! and Congrats on the new release!

  3. Wow, such a sad scene for the little girl, except for the fact that she’s going to have Anna as her “new Mom”. I loved all the details, like the table/lake simile – that was GREAT. Best wishes, another excellent excerpt!

  4. Mandy does know what she wants–or who she wants–and good for her. Ugh, Katherine sounds like a real treat. 😛

    You write wonderful terrible bad guys, Charmaine. 🙂

  5. A good turn of events (albeit a scary scene) in a little girl’s life. 🙂 Good story, Charmaine. I’m so glad you found your way to wewriwa–a long time ago (over two years now!)

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