And Then She Did and Said. . .

At a birthday party last Saturday, Grandest showed some artistic skills. I didn’t get a pic but what she painted, to these old eyes, was totally cool. The place is Pinot Palette in Nanuet owned by daughter’s friend Barbara Nesi. If you’re looking for a terrific venue for a children’s birthday party, check it out. The teacher on that day was Melissa, a skilled artist, someone who teaches high school. Music with dancing and food and the joy of painting.

Whenever I leave daughter’s home, grandest takes my hand with her small hand to help me down the big front steps. Yesterday, after she helped me down I walked across the lawn to my car. She called to me. “Granny, from now on I want you to practice taking all the front steps so you’ll get used to it. And don’t be scared. I’ll be right here to help you.”

Is this a kid or what? I definitely must live to a super old age to watch her grow up to maturity.

10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_nGrandest, what a kid!!!!!!!!

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