Gymnastics and Karate! This is what she does.

Grandest went back to gymnastics after a few years of a hiatus. Now long legs, full of confidence and ready to rock and roll, away we went to Rockland Gymnastics. I watched her blend in, run fast, follow directions for the coach, use the balance bars and jump. Age seven and fearless. Finally I sat and wrote chapter two in a new story. You know me. Always a story on my mind. This time a novel. It’s tiring to stand and watch grandest for an hour as much as I love her.

I took dancing lessons as a little kid. Mother dressed up “to the nines” was the expression back then in the thirties, gloves, hat, the whole outfit to walk me to dance school not far from home. The moms stood behind a glass window to watch their darlings and to appraise each other. My Mom was the wife of the local bank president, a celebrity much admired. She was beautiful, aloof to her admirers and funny as a mother, so adorable at home. We lost her at age fifty. I still miss her. She never got to meet some of my children and all of the grandchildren.

That’s just a tidbit of my life compared to what’s going on currently with grandest and daughter, loves of my life and my dear husband as we age together and keep life fun.10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_nA green belt soon to move up.


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