5/3/15 WEWRIWA

The Merry month of May, you bethcha.So Spreading Her Wings will not be published for a few but do I worry? heck no. Already I’ve started writing another story, this time a novel to be discussused with all my friends at WEWRIWA very soon. Meanwhile to continue where I left off last week where Sally receives the early morning call from a neighbor screaming that her daughter is missing, Sally, a reporter races over to Teresa’s home three blocks away to find out how she can help. Sally asks the mother a bunch of questions to begin.

excerpt in eight:

“She’s just a kid, eighteen, she graduated way ahead of herself dancing, singing, and acting classes at Emerson in Boston with her goal to be a super star, a triple threat she calls it, excellent in all that’s needed for musicals and her drama skills are above average so Misty is confidence personified for audition. Her voice broke.

Sally recalled Teresa’s beautiful voice accompanied by her own piano playing, so much talent in the family.

“Make some coffee while I think, please and I would definitely look at casting calls in Variety.”
My guess is she got a call about an audition and drove off to someone’s apartment or office to find out about the part.”
Soon coffee filled the room with a strong aroma; Sally took a long drink and asked if Teresa had looked in Misty’s room.
Teresa cried, shook her head and Sally told to her take a deep breath, calm down and see if her daughter had left a clue in her room; a clue, for God’s sake like Nancy Drew solves a Mystery, one of her favorite series of books when she was a kid.

In the second drawer where Misty left an old torn tee shirt, her terrified yet excited mother screamed;
“I found something, crumpled paper I can hardly read.” Then squinting, she read, Tues, 11 a.m. Shubert Theatre, B’way, Sandor.
“Sandor who?” and Teresa shook her head.
“To the Shubert Theatre to find your Misty.”


40 thoughts on “5/3/15 WEWRIWA

  1. So the plot thickens. If the daughter’s got an audition on Broadway, why doesn’t she tell her mother? Something is fishy here. But I bet Teresa will get to the bottom of this. Great 8. I tweeted.

  2. Wow, a dreadful thing–a missing child. I’m glad they found a lead!

    Charmaine, we’re changing the sentence limit starting next week. We’re also changing how we handle it when participants go over. The details are on my blog ahead of my post for this week. 🙂 I hope you’ll give it a read. 🙂

  3. Sally doesn’t miss a beat, does she? Looks like she figured it out very quickly, though I have a feeling there’ll be more to the story when they find the daughter and “Sandor.”

  4. So glad there was a clue (but of course you would’t leave us without something to grasp onto because you’re too good a storyteller) – can’t WAIT to read more! Great story going on here…

  5. Can’t wait to find out more about this Sandor character. Just what is he up to? I’m with Neva–it’s early and I want a cup of coffee now. lol I’m off to indulge in a cup. lol

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