And Then SHe Said. . .

Helping out daughter in the final stretch for her Masters, I’ve been a bit tired. Yesterday, I came over for a few hours to spend with grandest while daughter had many errands to accomplish. At eight p. m., I’ve always been a stickler about kids going to bed early on school nights, I suggested firmly that a bath was in order. Bath and book then sleep. Uh huh.

She preferred waiting for Mommy. Hmm. A few minutes late, the tub water ran and in she went. I kept her company as she dried her hair and then she said, “Take my advice, Grans, lie down on the couch and take a nap.” I pressed my hands to my heart then pointed to her. “Oh, you mean you love me and want to be with me, right?”
So we kept company, telling jokes and funny stories and finally she hopped in bed. “Where’s your fancy pillow?” “I’m not staying over tonight. Mom will be home soon and Poppa’s waiting for me.” And so it was. No argument; just a sweet conversation and understanding, grandest age 7 and granny age way old. Best buds always.

Something to share with my friends.


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