A Swim Suit Sale and a coupon!

When I saw the Macy’s ad, I thought Hmm, I’ve been wearing bikini’s in the privacy of my backyard for years. No one comes over except daughter and grandest, after all and they’re way too busy looking adorable in a multitude of new swim suits to look at old Granny so who cares. Right? Hubs thinks I look swell while he’s cleaning the pool and I’m usually writing a book or listening to a book on tape. Then I thought, hey woman, watch yourself. You’re not a kid anymore. Look out for Rumpled-Mom-Skin. At my age, it’s something to consider.
So I got in the car and off to Macy’s I went, found the swim suit section and the sweetest YOUNG woman helped me find a bright print two piece ruffled thingy to cover me. On sale with coupon plus an additional Macy’s reward check for ten bucks!!!!!!! Yippee.
My advice to all who have a stretch mark here and there, take a good look and get yourself a new swim suit for not a bunch of dollars. If I can do it, so can you.

Happy shopping and use lots of sunscreen in the sun.


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