5/24/15 WEWRIWA

Memorial Day Weekend. How well we remember and never forget our men and and women who support and fight for our country. My first love , a pilot in the Strategic Command who landed on a wing and a prayer the first time his bomber- a B 26 flew to England during the Korean War and later flew KC 97’s-Air refueling. a hazard all by it self. And then they planned atomic Bomb missions, never carried out, thank God. What a time.

And now to Weekend Writers Warriors for some fun with constructive critique for all.

Spreading Her Wings continues since there’s been so much enthusiasm for this story. The last scene took place where serious men were investing in the show on Broadway until the biggest investor walked in with his gawky daughter-the triple threat, she can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t act.

Excerpt in nine:
A crowd of men gathered around a burly Irishman who roared disapproval at the audition process.
“My daughter is as good as any of the girls in there.”
A soft spoken man pulled him aside just close enough for Sally and Teresa to hear.
“Mr. O’Malley, you are the major investor in the show and you want the play to be a success don’t you?”
“Of course and I also want my daughter to be a star.”
“Sir, she may not be quite ready for that because it takes years of training to . . .”
The bigger man grabbed him by his collar to lift him up eye to eye.
“You want a play and I got the dough so shut your face and get Clarabelle ready.”
He dropped him to the sidewalk to leave him eyes popping with fear.
for more snippets from talented writers:

Spreading Her Wings
Kindness to Strangers in River’s Edge rubs off on all who live there. Sally Kirkwood responds to an emergency call from a friend one early morning. A daughter is missing and with Sally’s skill as a reporter, she finds her at an audition in NYC. Thus begins an adventure of show business, unfaithfulness, forgiveness and success.

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39 thoughts on “5/24/15 WEWRIWA

  1. While I sympathize with his wish to make his daughter happy . . . nope, hope he fails. 🙂

    (Clarabelle? Wasn’t that also the name of a famous clown?)

  2. I would hate to be in the shoes of either girl. I know it’s not quite possible to pull it off, but I bet what might have worked better is to have the play run with both leads for a time during rehearsals (doesn’t every production have a study who can do the show if something happens to the lead? Maybe they have two “studies”). Show that they’re working with Clarabelle but have a back-up plan and then have this major investor watch the play just before hand. Let him compare the two versions and choose honestly for himself, knowing his name and funding are on the line. He might like our young hero better, and even if he doesn’t perhaps Clarabelle will have improved some with the competition.

      • Oh, sorry, Charmaine. I just saw things the way I’d do them, since… I don’t know yet what is happening in your book. That said, I doubt it actually would work as idyllically as that; I have a feeling that big investor guy is not that reasonable when it comes to his daughter.

  3. Ooh, he’s got the dough, but is it worth it. Grrr, what a bully! Thanks for sharing your memorial day story also, hope you have a great holiday weekend, I’m off to work in an hour. 😦 Switching to the overnight shift this week.

  4. Oh my, he definitely is throwing his weight around. I hope the daughter is a quick learner. 🙂

  5. Unfortunately parents who buy, bully and excuse their kids to get anything don’t teach the child how to achieve for themselves – and most times the kids winds up terrified to disappoint the parent and can’t deal with less than perfect. Not a good situation. This scee has got my ire up. Great 8.

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