A Moment with Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, and Carrie Fisher

Tragedy mixed with fun. What an odd time it was. On the day my husband died, I got a casting call to come in for a week on a new movie. I explained the situation. The sweet guy said he’d call and soon. A week later I had the gig. One whole week on a movie titled When Harry met Sally.

The scene was a wedding where Carrie weds her boyfriend. A big band played in the background. The guests wore dress clothes. I found  a green silk dress in my closet, gathered a few other nifty outfits and jewelry and headed to NYC early Monday morning crying all the way. Parked, mopped my face and walked up to the dark building now turning light. I signed in, met a few friends, hung up my clothes and waited. A serious Billy Crystal said hi and moved on. Carrie Fisher, adorable back then, fluttered around. Meg Ryan stuck to herself. The costume designer, Ann Roth, we’d met before on the set of Working Girl, approved my green dress. More waiting Sadness overwhelmed me. I held it in ’til the end of the day on the way home and then let go of tears. A flood of them.

The last day of the shoot, during the break, Carrie sang, her wonderful voice, “It Had To Be You,” and we all joined in. Smiles and dancing with Rob Reiner who had a pleased look on his face. Who knew the movie would be a huge success?

I thought about the chances we take in life. Belief all would be well. A cold, no biggie. Invest many bucks in a screenplay. It doesn’t click. This one became a serious hit. I’ve watched it many times over the years and I’ll never forget what came before and after, how my life changed in a flash.

Thanks for reading.

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