And Then She Said. . .

A great moment in the life of our grandest happened this Saturday morning. After working hard for many months, she achieved her blue belt. Patiently, she paid attention, our seven year old athlete,and at the end of class, she reaped the reward.

On the way there, instead of wearing flip flops or sneakers, she selected high heeled sandals. Pretty spiffy and poised way to enter the dojo. What a gleeful way to end the morning but wait, there’s more. When we arrived at my home, she hurried to the basement where I have a few workout pieces of equipment. She called to me. “Grans, come on down. I challenge you to a workout. And so we took turns on the stationery bike and the ab machine. Man oh man, is she strong. I did keep up with her though.

Next came the pool on this seventy degree cloudy morning with rain threatening. On came the swim suit, hers not mine, as I coached her with different strokes across the pool. For thirty minutes she followed directions and then the two of us dried her up and changed into warmer clothes. Followed by an endless lunch and now she’s settled down with some old legos and blocks.

My heart is filled with love for this grandest of all granddaughters. She gave me her green belt, a memento for the years of driving and watching her grow. It doesn’t get much better for than this ,Grandmother,10922594_10203730977571342_308562703162293352_nfolks.

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