8/2/15 WEWRIWA

Someone posted only fifteen Fridays ’til Christmas. Oh, No. Please let us have a gentle winter this year. Meanwhile, here we are in August and my sweet hubs will stay home with three cats and work while daughter and grandest granddaughter take a short vacation at the beach, Long Beach Island, N J here we come.

Continuing with When Double Becomes Single, Sharon Michaels must break the sad news to her sons. The younger one lives in Denmark, the older one is in NJ.


1:30 a.m. in New York 7:30 a.m. Denmark Skype: “Mom, what’s up? You never call this early.”

Jeff, the youngest son, squinted at the screen to see his mother crying and said, “Oh God, Mom, It’s Dad. Last time we talked you said he had a bad cold and now he’s gone, right?”
He watched her cry without stop, heartbroken to know his dearest Dad died and through tears, Mom told the whole story. Inge, his beautiful wife, came running from somewhere in their house to hold each other as they listened to the worst news. Jeff’s father dead and they’re so far from his home in the states. Jeff felt a crack in his heart where solidity had always been.
“We’ll catch the next plane out, Mom, they are lenient with a death in the family.
“Mamse, what a terrible loss; Jeff will pull strings to get us to you as fast as possible.
“Inge, talk to me. You and Jeff are my lifeline right now.”

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1383259_10200724043359140_1842506079_nPaul and Eva on their wedding day in Denmark


37 thoughts on “8/2/15 WEWRIWA

  1. Even over so many miles, Jeff and Inge are so wonderfully supportive. Such a difficult time for all of them. Great story.

    • She has her son and daughter-in law now even though they’re so far away. Next week you’ll meet the older son and then I’ll move on to another story. Sharon does learn to survive and thrive. Thanks, Elaine.

  2. This is hard to read. I keep thinking of my mom the night my dad passed away. She was only 59. He was 67. Very sad snippet, Charmaine. It must be emotionally wrenching for you to write this. A big hug to you.

    • It’s been difficult to write this. I was 56 when Bud passed so suddenly and he was just 58. The story is similar but I’ve managed to bring some fun into Sharon’s life more and more until. . .For me, it was a struggle so I helped my fictional widow to have a happier time. Thanks for your support week after week, Teresa.

  3. Wow, something so close is difficult to write. I’m having trouble continuing with my K9 story after the loss of our beloved Lab. Must work though it like you’ve done. Enjoy your trip!

  4. We had my wife’s memorial service a month after she died. Her wishes. No rush. Why rush to see a dead body. She wanted to be cremated. A month later, and you can really celebrate the life of the one gone ahead. And you feel their spirit with you everywhere, anyway.

  5. Chip. twenty six years ago, I lost my first love and somehow made a life without him. He is still with me. I kiss his Air Force pictures my daughter has hanging in her home and ask why. And truly I’ve made a good life again with a sweet man . We take care of each other and laugh, have meals. feed the cats and there’s always in my mind Why? Thinkinf of you.

  6. Middle of the night calls or early morning calls are NEVER good. You’ve captured a very telling detail and the scene certainly feels real. I’ve lived it, you’ve lived it and you’re able to truly share the emotions on the page. Excellent – sad – excerpt!

  7. Precious support, thankfully there for her, even if it’s thousands of miles away. You’ve really captured the moment.

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