And Then She Said. . .

We just returned from four perfect days at Long Beach Island, one of our favorite places. By WE, I refer to Grandest , daughter and me, the loving trio. The difference is that grandest is seven and a half and takes care of me the way I cared for her since birth. She holds my hand, says Watch your step, Grans and Be careful. Her small strong hand waits for me, extended when I stand, leave the car, go up the stairs. What a pal. And for the first time, daughter sees the real me. I met everyone at the beach and pool, danced to the live music at the pool where no one else did. It’s in my spirit to boogy so I did with a new pink Glam straw hat perched on my head.

Daughter says maybe it’s my age and I can say and do as I please. Whatever it is, I really don’t think about it. And I want you all to know, have fun, smile a lot and enjoy every minute. Life’s too short to waste.


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