8/30/15 WEWRIWA

Ocean City, MD almost gobbled me up with  pounding waves and low and high tides at any given moment. We had a fine time , the three of us, I wrote many chapters longhand on the beach, worked out in a gym at our digs and grandest made some super new friends from Long Island. And now back to real life with bags unpacked, cats purring and so is my hubs now that the laundry is finished.

The Alfred’s, Eleanor and Stuart plus their manservant, Edgar arrive in Salt Lake City to step out into the dry heat. They look up and see an eagle dive for prey to remind them of the evil sister Elizabeth.


Edgar stepped out to open the back door of the streamlined limousine and
Eleanor, resplendent in a flower garden silk dress, floated out in her graceful way into the dry air where the sun created a halo around her.
Her sister dismounted from a black stallion better groomed than she was with weathered wrinkled skin and waved away the young rent a hunk cowboys.
Stuart and Edgar remained at Eleanor’s side; like a desert tableau with a light wind blowing sand at their city feet, no one spoke.
When Elizabeth opened her mouth to break the silence, Stuart warned her by holding up his hand.

Stuart had his court face on, confident, facts lined up and proof. “ Regarding the investigation into the death of your first husband, it was apparent to the police that you had erased someone’s prints from the tire iron to replace them with your own.”
“I’m calling the police,” and Elizabeth pulled a cell phone from her jacket and waved it at Stuart.
“ You’re under suspicion regarding the disappearance of Max Calhoun; his grown children think you had something to do with him not calling the past few months.”
.Eleanor spoke, her voice sweet and clear, “I‘m the mother your children never had before now let’s get out of this place of misery.”
The little sister she once knew and loved began to scream and stamp her cowboy boots in the sand just the way she’d done years before.

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24 thoughts on “8/30/15 WEWRIWA

  1. I love to write long-hand too, Charmaine! The line, “resplendent in a flower garden silk dress” appealed to my senses. I could see the sun shining behind her. Great snippet.

  2. Another intriguing snippet with beautiful and visual writing. I can see them all so clearly in my mind.
    My only question is regarding what Eleanor says. I’m not sure if you’re missing a word, but I can’t quite follow her sentence close to the end.
    Otherwise another beautiful snippet!

  3. Hey Charmaine. I like how visual your writing is. I get a kick out of Elizabeth! I was a bit confused about the time period this story takes place because when you mentioned a “manservant” I thought this would take place in a historical time. People have manservants nowadays? But your characters are always so realistic so kudos on that!

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