Ocean Waves Loved my ankles!

So there we were at the beach in Ocean City, Md with waves crashing and grandest with her boogie board having a fine time so I ventured into the edge of the shore. Why not, I thought. So what if I need a cane to keep steady on the sand. That was in the past when I was young, strong and steady as daughter keeps reminding me.

And oh the water so warm and what a pleasure. Then the ocean decided the old lady needed com-uppance and I descended slowly like a suction grabbing my ankles and I couldn’t stand straight and suddenly I was down, on my butt laughing with men and women running to help. Daughter got there first and brought me to my feet. Rule #1. Mother is not to go near the water. Rule #2 Mother must not speak to anyone. and so on. I’m friendly¬† and affable. They are in a hurry. Well okay. Can they write a book? No. So I wrote in long hand in the warm sun about the Costigan twin sisters left behind from the original book Reconstructing Charlie.

That will fix my little family. Maybe I’ll even sign a copy for them.

Meanwhile daughter just asked me to keep an eye on grandest while she reads my latest release, When Double becomes Single.


2 thoughts on “Ocean Waves Loved my ankles!

  1. I can just imagine you sitting on your butt and laughing it off at the same time! Poor Amy, the trials and tribulations of raising you!

  2. I’ve heard her mumble a lot about her nutty mom who talks to everyone and has patience and above all, a sense of humor. Yes, it’s hard to raise this lady. I bet your kids feel the same way about you. Thanks, BFF.

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