Happy Grandparents’ Day! Give Them the Gift of Great Reading!

VHP Book Tours

TNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcementTNBTE V 2 all three formats for announcement


Sunday, September 13!

Give your favorite grandparent or two or three or more a gift that will fill their reading lists all year long, with a Kindle, A Nook, or a multipurpose tablet, all wrapped up with a few great books to start them off!

Reading devices are great for seniors! They can easily enlarge the font to a comfortable size, they are simple to hold while reading, and when you give them a multipurpose tablet or iPad, they can Skype or email the grandkids anytime they want!

Start them off with terrific Charmaine Gordon stories of mature love, passion, and suspense with Charmaine’s series, The Beginning… Not the End, available in Print, All Ebook Formats, and in Audio! Six fabulous short stories of love, passion, romance, and adventure for men and women tired of books only featuring 20-somethings or celebrities with ‘issues’…

Volume 1

TBNTE 1 all 3 editions together

The first three…

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