9/27/15 WEWRIWA

What a week. The weather is still gorgeous and I’m, like all of us, so busy writing.

I’m asking you, my friends, for a title for the WIP almost finished. Twin Costigans come home to Chicago. Just a few words to sum it up. A gift copy for the best idea.

And now here comes an oldie but a goodie. Dr. D and the Dad


“She’s sleepin’, Doctor D’s sleepin’,” the smallest boy said and giggled. Little fingers lifted my sunglasses and dropped them back on my sun burned nose.
Almost sleepin’, I thought, eyes closed, if they’d let me. Easy to doze in the hot sun, heavy wet sand covering most of my ample body. This band of munchkins, my patients at the clinic, wore themselves out carrying little red, blue and striped pails of sand. When a high pitched voice interrupted my reveries to ask if they could cover my toes, I’d said sure. Little did I know they’d get carried away and create a mountain of me at this end of St. Augustine Beach. And little did I know they’d abandon me for cookies and juice when mommy called as the tide began to roll back in. It was a warning, you too can be replaced by a cookie. Should be posted at the beach and given along with every birth certificate.

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36 thoughts on “9/27/15 WEWRIWA

    • Too funny, Ed but wrong book. This one is Dr. D and the Dad. I need a title for the WIP I been writing, the one with the twins who are brought to live with Aunt and Uncle in Chicago. The cartwheeling adorable twin sisters. Try again, big guy.

  1. I love how she lets the kids bury her in the sand. I almost felt as if I were on that beach. As for a title suggestion, the only one I can think of is, “Oh My Chicago.” Great writing as always, Char.

  2. Loved this scene, Charmaine! Especially the bit about the cookie. Too funny and too true. lol. As for a title, I keep thinking that maybe you could use an alliteration of some kind with Costigans and Chicago. Or The Costigans Come Home. Chi-Town Twins. Something along those lines perhaps. I’ll keep thinking. 🙂

  3. Double trouble? Don’t know if they are, I know for a fact Char, I cannot be replaced by a mere cookie. A dozen? Perhaps, but not one : )

  4. Glad you’re under sunny skies. We’ve had a Noreaster for the last three days and more rain this coming week. Love the cookie bit! As for titles, I have help with mine, so I dare not suggest.

  5. Cute scene, what a predicament she’s in! Dare I hope she gets rescued by a dashing lifeguard? Or a Dad? Loved the snippet. I’m no good at titles – you know how all my ancient Egyptians are “Something of the Nile” LOL.

  6. Loved the snippet. You too can be replaced by cookies.–great line. lol

    Title for your WIP. I agonize over choosing a title. lol Let’s give it a go, shall we? How about…
    Ticket For Two
    Double Trouble
    Chicago or Bust.
    Whatever you choose, I wish you the best with your upcoming release.

  7. darn, now you’ve got me pining for cookies… I love how she gave permission for sand-covered toes but didn’t stop them when they go carried away, lol.

    now for the twin titles, rather boring suggestions: Two for the Price of One; Take Two they’re small, Double Trouble in Chicago, Costigan times two.

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