10/18/15 WEWRIWA

Hi Folks, the week continues with ear infections and throat infections for daughter and my grandest. What a week we’ve had. Meanwhile I’ve finished the book about the Costigan twins and I LOVE it. Titled Together Again, it should be released in two weeks.

Moving along with Dr.D and the Dad, we’re up to more fun as they get to know each other.


“After our uh, collision, I’ll need a shower before my next client,” and Tony grinned to indicate his sand covered hard body deliciousness. A six-pack of ab muscles dared to show through.
The only heat between us would be the Florida sun once I stood up.  I also had to be at the clinic before long and needed a shower and a change. And the tide was rolling in fast as I scrambled around on hands and knees to gather my belongings to finally struggle to a standing position.
“You know my name and profession and I know almost nothing about you except that you use vanilla scented shampoo; your neck and shoulders are tense but your skin is perfect.
“I’m Diane O’Rourke, head pediatrician at the walk-in clinic in town.” I stopped in the hot sand, regrouped belief in myself with a few breaths and thought I may be a bit overweight but so what, I don’t know any other woman in town who has accomplished so much. Fortified by the mental shot in the butt, I trudged behind Tony like a bear cub

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